It’s been said that we are the average of the five people we spend the most time with. The way we think, the way we act, and the way we feel about certain things and situations is influenced greatly by who we hang around with the most frequently.

This makes it all the more vital to choose who we surround ourselves with more wisely. We should be surrounding ourselves with the right people—those who would make a positive impact on the way we think, feel, and act on a day-to-day basis, and help us achieve our goals instead of hindering us from doing so. We need people who inspire and support us with their galing at alaga so that we too may inspire and support others who need it.

And so, here are the 8 kinds of people you should always have by your side:

A mentor who inspires you

If you want to succeed in your desired field, you have to find a mentor from that same field you want to be in. A mentor will guide you through the process, impart wisdom, and inspire you to work your hardest every day. They won’t teach you everything you need to know, but they’ll definitely help jumpstart your career.


A supportive friend

In every step of your journey, you need a friend who’s always got your back—a friend who supports you in all your decisions, picks you up whenever you stumble and fall, and is always a phone call away whenever you need help. We often take friends like these for granted, not realizing that having this kind of support system is beneficial to our mental health. A path to success without anyone to cheer us on is a pretty lonesome journey, after all.


A friend who gives you genuine feedback

But just as it is important to have friends who support you, it’s also essential to have friends who are not afraid to constructively point out your shortcomings. You don’t want to simply surround yourself with “yes men,” after all. Keep those friends who will tell you what you need to improve on so that you can grow into a much better, wiser, and more mature person.


A relentless worker

Being surrounded by relentless workers is motivating and uplifting. They push hard every day to fulfill their goals, and take advantage of every opportunity to learn and grow. It’s their passion and commitment which you should admire and use as your drive to work harder every day too.


A dreamer

Sometimes, you need an idealist in your life—whether or not they’re in the same field as you—to dream of grand goals that may seem unattainable when you first hear of them. Sure, these dreams are a shot in the dark, but we need these kinds of people to remind us that nothing is ever impossible.


A friend you can enjoy life with

Truly successful people are able to balance work and play knowing that working nonstop will burn them out. What you need for these times when you need a break is a friend you can always call to schedule weekend trips or to have a random dinner date with. They will remind you that it’s important to take a breather from achieving your goals—which is in truth more productive than it is harmful—and to take inspiration and motivation from experiences of life.


A charity worker or environmental advocate

People who advocate for bigger social and environmental causes have their hearts at the right place. Their passion to make a big difference to those who need it the most will make you reflect on your own goals and own motivations too. Is your heart also at the right place? Are you doing all of this to serve a bigger purpose? Or is all of this just for fame and fortune? Being around someone like this who truly cares for the greater good will let you realize that success is nothing without purpose.


A person who is inspired by you

Other than having somebody to inspire you to go for your goals, it is also rewarding to have somebody to inspire. These people won’t necessarily fawn over your achievements, but they consistently draw motivation from your work ethic, your determination, and your attitude with your life and career. It’s a great feeling to be able to inspire others and it drives you to do better as well.

To be successful in our lives, we need to be influenced by people who show competence and compassion, excellence and empathy, efficiency and care so we too may be driven to succeed while helping others in the process. Galing will never work without alaga, just like how Biogesic possesses both galing at alaga to deliver that Alagang Biogesic experience.

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As long as you have the support of both galing at alaga, you can always go for your goals without fear or hesitation.

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