8 Companies to Call For Taxi Service in Manila

8 Companies to Call For Taxi Service in Manila
Typically, cabs are easy to come by here in the city. Just stand by a curb and bam! Taxi! Except of course when it rains and there’s some promise of flooding so everyone decides to get a cab. This tilts the law of supply and demand not to the passengers’ favor and causing (some) drivers to get extremely picky.

While it’s prudent to be aware of possible modus operandi that some unscrupulous drivers may pull, taxis are a convenient way to traverse the metropolis.

For the times when you need a taxi for a late night ride to the airport, or for a trip more complex than cruising from point A to point B, or, you know, you just want one ready the same time you go out your door. For those times, these are the numbers to call.

8. 24/7

642-3525, 634-5980

7. Avis


6. Basic Taxi

900-1447, 900-1448, 643-7777

5. Dollar

921-2383, 927-8718

4. EMP

293-5930, 293-5931, 291-7005

3. MGE Transport

363-6096, 364-8260, 366-6287, 366-6214

2. Reno

931-3272, 931-2681

1. Sturdy Taxi

330-3568, 361-1282

Services listed above are not endorsed by 8List.ph.

For taxi-related complaints, take note of the plate and franchise and report the incident by calling the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) at 426-2515 or by sending them an email at complaint.ltfrb.gov.ph@gmail.com.


  1. I left something inside the taxi car with plate number UYA 705 from the way SM AURA to Icon Plaza around 14:00pm – 15:00pm. Anybody can give me the taxi driver telephone number ? pls call 09453221376

  2. Hello Sir, do you know what is the taxi company of this car UWE894 i accidentaly left my cellphone inside the car, I’ll reward 10,000peso if anyone can provide useful info to me, since I have my baby photos inside cellphone from her birth, which is very precious to me, pls call 09266496616. thank you so much.

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