The Anatomy of the Misogynistic Live TV Host

By Tim Henares

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So recently, not one, but two local TV hosts went and said stuff we deem to be offensive again: one host actually blamed a girl who got gang-raped because she went out to drink with someone she met online, while another host actually made double entendre jokes about someone they were interviewing who was once a prostitute. We don’t need to name them: you know who they are.

But what is it about these hosts that their only brush with relevance lately seems to be the latest time they put their foot in their mouth while on camera? And why does it often have to happen at the expense of a woman?

The host has some outdated beliefs he thinks are worth airing


Apparently, in an age where babies (babies!!!) get sexually assaulted, some people are still backwards-thinking enough to believe that the reason rape happens is because of what a woman is wearing.

We know better because this is called victim-blaming: when instead of getting angry at the rapist for raping, we get angry at the victim for “letting herself get raped,” as if that was her plan all along. Let’s face it: rapists rape. It doesn’t matter if the victim is drunk, sober, scantily clad, or wearing a burkha. The onus should be on the rapist, and not the victim, because it should be obvious that people can only be so vigilant before they turn paranoid.


The host thinks someone’s deepest shame is worth making fun of

Alternatively, the host might just not think very highly of the person they’re talking to. After all, why would you have to respect a woman who worked for years and years just to be able to get herself out of being prostituted, then proceed to earn a decent living for her family afterwards? Surely, making fun of her is warranted, because she opened up her heart to you about her past!


The host is oblivious that people might not be agreeable to what they have to say

The host will almost never apologize nor back down, because he always believes that he had a right to say what he had to say, and everyone else is just “misinterpreting him.”

What he forgets is that his exercise of free speech doesn’t spare him from the consequences of said free speech, whether it be a sanction from the KBP, his home network, or just the loss of a few longtime fans. Eh, what does he care, right? He’s rich!


The host won’t ever have the same expectations of men

When a man gets robbed, this host won’t ask the man if he was flashing his phone or his watch before he got mugged. If a man talks about being a gigolo who got himself out of poverty for his children, that host would probably even congratulate him. It’s very glaring that a double standard is in play for these people, but that’s exactly why they’re misogynistic and they get away with it: we simply don’t look at a rape survivor the same way we look at a mugging victim, nor do we look at a prostituted woman the same way we look at a male gigolo.

The outrage flies over the host’s head

The host simply will never realize what they did wrong. Why would he, when he has his entire fanbase or equally backwards-thinking people taking up the cudgels to defend him?

If only these people could defend would-be rape victims with the same zeal and vigor, then maybe the world would be a better place.

As far as the host is concerned, his “pragmatic” knowledge is the truth, only the truth, and nothing but the truth, so help him, God.


The uproar grows, but the host ignores it for as long as possible

As people call for his head, as people demand an apology, the host suddenly makes like an ostrich and buries his head in the sand, pretending none of this is happening. Very rarely, he makes a half-hearted apology that usually goes “If I offended you, I am sorry, but…”

Long story short, these people still don’t know what they did wrong.


We question exactly why these hosts are any sort of authority in the first place

Being a host on TV does not make you smarter, more informed, or more enlightened than anyone else, yet why does it seem like these people on TV conduct themselves as if they are? We begin to wonder if maybe we’ve given them too much power that they now abuse, all in the name of the kind of misogyny that masquerades as old-fashioned values. And as we wonder why we should even bother listening to these people…


A top personality or government leader says something even more offensive and misogynistic all over again

… we realize that it wasn’t so bad, after all, until the masters strike again.


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