The Best

of the Best Twitter Threads

of 2017

By Desiree Pore

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It’s a known fact that Twitter is the best social media website to have ever existed; with Twitter, you can post anything that’s on your mind (with a little caution, of course). Thanks to its newest update (the thread), people can now string together their tweets for easier reading.

But even before the update, threads have already existed. Thanks to these threads, our use of Twitter became more entertaining. Read on to know which threads made us laugh and shake our heads in confusion this year.

Dear David

The ongoing thread is about a man, whose apartment is being hunted by a ghost, specifically David. Complete with photos and videos to back up his story, Adam’s Dear David encounter is downright scary.


Sharpay Evans a.k.a. The Real MVP

Arguably the best Twitter thread of the year, @SHARPAYSAVICTIM plots the whole reason why Sharpay Evans of High School Musical was the real victim of the film series. And sister did make a point.


Thread of Positivity

2017 WAS A BAD YEAR. WE ALL KNOW IT. All throughout the year we’ve been waiting for a plot twist to happen, but nothing did happen. With 2017 full of negativity, @atkins_jacob1 gave us the plot twist the whole world deserves: a list of positive stories that happened within the year.


The #MeToo Movement

What started as a hashtag became one of the most important movements of the year. Thanks to our favorite Charmed sister Alyssa Milano, other women who experienced sexual assault were given a platform to empower other women who have gone through the same thing.

Real Life John Tucker Must Die Scenario

We all know the movie John Tucker Must Die, right ladies? Well, this story of how a man got busted for his cheating, and how the girls involved in his infidelity found out is a funny one.


Joey and Rachel Was the Real OTP

You may think that the Rachel and Joey storyline in Friends was the worst thing ever, but for @kaneandgriffin, it might’ve been right all along.


The Origin of Rick and Morty

If there’s one thing Twitter taught us, it’s this: you’ll always find a person who has the same humor as you on the Internet. This thread perfectly sums up this lesson.


Girls Anatomy

What happens when you live with girls for one whole week? Let this thread school you, men.


Which of these threads did you retweet? Comment them down below!

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  1. Twitter doesn’t have an edit button/command yet & we don’t want to see another COVFEFE thing. Hopefully the people of that social media platform could add the edit button/command on Twitter within this year.

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