The Dark Part of YouTube:

8 Creepy and Disturbing Series

to Watch Because

Who Needs Sleep?

By Kyzia Maramara

YouTube is one of the greatest social media sites. It has everything you need: vlogger tutorials, pirated movies, music videos, ads, trailers, and everything else in between. But surfing YouTube could very well teleport you to your very own YouTube Narnia, a vast internet space where you get sucked in to watching video after video until you don’t remember how you ended up on that particular one. One minute you’re watching a makeup tutorial, the next you’re being shown animated rabbits being dismembered.

In case you’re in the mood to explore the dark parts of YouTube, we’ve rounded up 8 of the creepiest and most disturbing videos and series to be found in the site.

Andywilson92 (YouTube channel)

Andywilson92 is a YouTube channel that publishes distorted animations of cartoons complete with garbled voices and disturbing sound effects. It’s the stuff of nightmares basically, trippy and looking like your favorite cartoons just survived a tragic car accident. His most famous video is an eerie parody of the Thomas and Friends theme song and his own version of Squidwards Suicide, the famous Creepypasta.

FilmCow’s Llamas with Hats and Charlie the Unicorn

These series aren’t as dark and creepy as the others but it comes with its own eerie charm. Both series are created and developed by FilmCow, a YouTube channel which has a number of great short animations under their umbrella.

Llamas with Hats consist of destruction, carnage, faces, and baby hands, all displayed through simple animation and interesting conversation. Carl’s obsession with killing people finally gets into Paul’s nerves so much that he leaves Carl on his own. But that isn’t where the story ends as Carl spirals into his own dark thoughts. It’s all fun and games until Episode 10 rolls along!

By the end of the series you’ll have a hard time getting “CAAAARLLLLLL” out of your head.

Charlie the Unicorn uses the similar animation style and storytelling as Llamas except that it involves a lot more characters. Charlie, a lethargic unicorn gets pestered by two other unicorns to travel with them through forests, under water, and outer space. Every episode is confusing, trippy, full of elements you might not understand immediately, and the high pitched voices of the twin unicorns. Feel free to interpret the series however you want!

Marble Hornets

If you’ve watched scary documentary movies like the Blair Witch Project, Marble Hornets will be familiar. Marble Hornets, a series started in 2009, uses the same creepy storytelling style as Blair Witch Project, knowing that alone will give you the heebie jeebies. The series is made documentary-style and follows Jay in his attempt to find out what happened to his friend Alex’s unfinished student film “Marble Hornets.”

This series is more than 10 episodes so watch at your own risk!

Don’t Hug me I’m Scared

This 6-episode web series is a bizarre animated musical thriller created by Becky Sloan and Joseph Pelling back in 2011. It will seem cutesy at first with the catchy tunes and familiar looking characters (Sesame Street anyone?) but every episode takes a dark turn towards the end and I am not kidding when I say it will mess you up.

Although DHMIS could scar your young brain, it’s a brilliant masterpiece you can’t help but watch over and over again to admire how it’s made. Don’t be fooled, it’s not a kid’s show so don’t let your children anywhere near it!

To better understand DHMIS, watch this Film Theory video!


Petscop is a fairly new series, the first episode was uploaded March of last year and is still ongoing with 13 videos posted. It is a 90s game where the goal is to catch as many pets as you can. The graphics would invoke nostalgia for many if it weren’t for the game’s underlying creep factor and sinister parallel to reality.

In Petscop, a guy who we know as Paul, takes us on a walkthrough of the game which unfortunately is unfinished and only has one level. He then reveals that he found a note in a letter attached to the game which contained a sequence of moves. He does these moves and gets teleported to an underground world of darkness and vast fields where he discovers a whole new creepy level complete with dungeons, cemeteries, and, well, death.

If you’re too chicken to watch all episodes, here’s a Game Theory that’s worth your time.

Happy Tree Friends

Who isn’t familiar with this brilliantly gory creation? Happy Tree Friends is a classic that has been around since 1999 and has never failed to serve its viewers with creative cartoon violence. Each episode has characters dismembered, brutally hurt, or eviscerated, which leaves them either dead or too mangled to be recognized.

Happy Tree Friends for sure isn’t a horror/thriller type of series as entire episodes take place in normal, sunny, and even happy settings, you’ll just have lots of moments where you’ll feel the pain of these characters and cringe your way through an episode.

Salad Fingers

This is one of the earliest YouTube series of its kind and is probably the inspiration for most of the animated thrillers on YouTube. Salad Fingers is a story about a tall, thin, green mentally troubled humanoid named Salad Fingers living in a barren area with only his finger puppets for company.

The whole 10-episode series consists of vague flashbacks, characters which give us a glimpse of the past, squiggly texts, and Salad Finger’s distorted slow speaking. Looking like it was animated from one of the earliest flash versions added to the eeriness of the whole series.

It’s a minefield for theories but of course Film Theory has got us covered on this one. Check out their two-part theory if you want answers to your obsession because I’m pretty sure after watching all episodes you’ll be brimming with questions.

Adult Swim Infomercials

Although yes, they’re not YouTube series, there’s nothing more confusing in this world than Adult Swim infomercials. There probably are but then they’re not as spectacularly done as these 10 to 15 minute infomercials. These videos will lure you in looking normal and interesting (Like Unedited Footage of a Bear or Too Many Cooks) and then BAM you’re in the middle of violence, confusion, and the brilliance of these videos. Watch to find out!


Found any more creepy channels? Share them with us below!

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