The Ultimate Valentine’s Day Playlist

By Karina Sitaldas

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It’s Valentine’s week once again! The week that’s filled with hearts, flowers, pink and red, love songs, and kilig moments. The week when everyone is busy making dinner reservations, buying their special someone chocolates and flowers to make sure they feel super special and extra loved, and making cute little handmade presents. But what’s a perfect Valentine’s Date without a playlist to get you in the mood and get the love flowing?

Here are eight songs that every Valentine’s Day playlist must have:

Can’t Help Falling in Love – Hailey Reinhart

This. Is. The. Best. Love. Song. Ever! Enough said.


Valentine – Kina Grannis

This is the sweetest little song that’s perfect to sing to your Valentine. Kina Grannis’ voice combined with the adorable lyrics? We just can’t…


PDA (We Just Don’t Care) – John Legend

You know that feeling when you just want to show the person you love all the affection in the world whether or not there are people around watching? When there’s that much love, sometimes you just can’t control it.


ILYSB (Stripped) – LANY

Ever love someone so bad that it makes your heart hurt so good? This one’s for you.

Your Body Is a Wonderland – John Mayer

Can you imagine singing/having this song sung to you by your Valentine? What a compliment!


Kiss Me – Ed Sheeran

This feels like falling in love…


Warm on a Cold Night – HONNE

If you’re one of those who don’t have anyone to spend Valentine’s Day with, HONNE’s got your back.


Let’s Get It On – Marvin Gaye

We really can’t say it any better than Marvin Gaye did. I mean, it’s in the title!


What would be on your Valentine’s Day playlist? Share them with us below!

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