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A Bicycle Made of Meat Edition

By Matthew Arcilla

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Up next at Hype Station on the way to E3 is the end of an era for the PlayStation Vita, the start of a new beginning for Call of Duty and Microsoft meets disabled gamers in the middle with something to make their gaming lives a lot better.

8. Gearbox Software remains coy about Borderlands 3

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Borderlands 2 was one of the most successful action videogames ever, with over 13 million copies sold and people are wondering whether Borderlands 3 is going to happen. Reports indicate the game is actively in development, but Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford – who happens to practice stage magic and the art of bullshit – issued a confounding series of tweets that indicates the game will get an announcement… or it may not.


7. A RAGE sequel comes to us from the makers of Mad Max

Meanwhile, RAGE 2 is a sequel that no one really asked for. The original RAGE was proof by tech wunderkind John Carmack that a high-performance action engine could run on mere iOS phones and lower-tech consoles but it never really clicked with the fans of his studio, id Software. Of course, Bethesda never lets a good IP run fallow and has resurrected it for a fun, hyperkinetic outing by Avalanche Software.


6. Conan Exiles, the game with realistic dicks, sees its player base swell

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After fifteen months in Early Access, Conan Exiles has surged back into the charts, following a refractory period in player numbers. The survival RPG was developed by Funcom, makers of The Secret World, and is Internet famous for its adjustable penis sizes that are critical to accurate loincloth physics. But now that it has officially launched, the game’s player base is back in action.


5. Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 has no single-player campaign

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This year’s installment of Call of Duty will buck tradition and ship without the single-player campaign. Instead, the focus is on competitive multiplayer and the time-honored cooperative Zombies mode. While solo play options remain, Black Ops 4 will focus all of developer Treyarch’s resources towards the development of multiplayer including their new battle royale-style Blackout mode.

4. Devolver Digital will return to E3 with another crazy conference

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Last year, the videogame publisher behind hits like Hotline Miami, BroForce and Shadow Warrior 2 hosted an E3 press event that was basically a graphically violent and subversive parody of traditional videogame PR. This year, they’ll be returning with another one that they assure us will be filled with “blood and possibly, loss of life.”


3. Sony ends physical production of games for the PlayStation Vita

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The production of Vita games as physical cartridges is coming to an end. While digital distribution via the PlayStation Store will continue, the console manufacturer will cease taking production requests from publishers and developers by June. While the handheld has its die-hard fans, thanks to a superior feature set and robust processing power, it lost ground to mobile and tablet gaming.


2. Xbox Adaptive Controller is the first big play for disabled gamers

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Designed as a sleek, affordable gaming contol option for disabled gamers, the Xbox Adaptive Controller is designed to help navigate physical handicaps that result in a limited ability to use conventional gaming controllers. It was developed by Microsoft in collaboration with various gaming charities so that people with disabilities can enjoy Xbox One and Windows 10 games.


1. Kingdom Hearts III is actually happening for real

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The lengthy time it takes for Square Enix to develop games from announcement to release is a favored joke among the gaming cognoscenti. But in the case of Kingdom Hearts III, the possibly final installment in the beloved mashup between Japanese cool and Disney nostalgia, release draws nearer as a surprise hands-on press event was held by Square Enix to demonstrate an imminent release.


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