It’s quite nostalgic seeing your favorite celebrity’s kids, in part because they look like carbon copies of their parents but also because you’re realizing there’s a new generation rising. These 8 young ladies are all privileged to have been born as legacies of their parents but they are also making a name for themselves in their modeling, music, and influencing careers. If there’s a title of ‘Wholesome It Girls of the Future,’ they would make it for sure.

Leila Alcasid

I wonder if Leila Alcasid knows that she looks like a wonderful mix between Iza Calzado and Selena Gomez. Maybe she does because 20% of her Instagram comments are consistent in pointing this out.

Leila is a Fil-Aussie 20-year-old born to veteran singer/actor/comedian Ogie Alcasid and his first wife, 1994 Miss Universe Australia Michelle van Eimeren. Living majority of her life in Australia, she moved back to the Philippines in 2017 to pursue a career in music under the guidance of her father. Since then she has been signed on to Star Music and had her debut single Completely In Love released.

Juliana Gomez

As the only child of actor-slash-politician couple Richard Gomez and Lucy Torres-Gomez, Juliana surely gets all the love. She’s slowly venturing into the modeling world with brands like Meg, Omega, and Bench and, dare we say, she might someday be a brilliant actress if she ever wants to step into the showbiz industry. But for now she looks great as she is, beautiful, confident, and well-loved, just like what a perfect It Girl is supposed to be.

Claudia Barretto

Claudia Barretto won’t let her family’s past taint what she is and would become as a person. Hailing from a family of actors and actresses, Claudia decided to go a different path – music. She has successfully released 4 singles and a couple of music videos and is now gearing to release another sing entitled Sinking. Claudia has also graduated high school earlier this year and is slated to attend Ateneo de Manila University for college.

Hannah Pangilinan

Hannah could easily be labeled as ‘Donny Pangilinan’s sister’ but she is so much more than that and she has earned a name for herself. This girl can go from dressing up in balls and doing makeup tutorials to competing abroad with her football team and joining triathlons. Hannah is the perfect blend of classy and modern, her mother, Maricel Laxa has described her as the ‘host and entertainer’ of the family and rightfully so. She definitely has the chops to be an It Girl if she isn’t already is!

Kaila Estrada

You can definitely guess who Kaila Estrada’s parents are by just one glance at her – Janice de Belen and John Estrada. A model and an influencer for fashion and lifestyle, Kaila is always on top of everything new and fun in the city. Her first runway walk is with Randy Ortiz when she was 17 years old! Today, she is a Mercator Model and a brand ambassador for SM Youth.

Cassy Legaspi

We’re used to seeing little Cassy Legaspi and her twin brother Mavy (Parents: Carmina Villaroel and Zoren Legaspi) on commercials and in posters but this didn’t prepare us for how puberty hit them hard. They are now both gorgeous 17-year-olds with a lifetime supply of ice cream and who have just signed a contract with GMA 7. Although we haven’t seen much of Cassy, we’ll see a lot of her in the future following the signing for sure.

Angelina Cruz Montano

Angelina’s cute facial features make her instantly loveable, and then you’d discover her Instagram account and find out that she has a splendid sense of fashion and she’s also a singer. Angelina is the eldest daughter of TV actor Cesar Montano and actress Sunshine Cruz. She has been the face of Careline Cosmetics in 2016 and has been an ambassador for other brands as well. Venturing into the world of music, she recently published her debut self-titled EP.

Gabriella Gibbs

Daughter of Janno Gibbs and Bing Loyzaga, this pretty lady is part of a YouTube makeup tutorial channel called TheGibbsGuide. Gabriella, or Gabs, is a digital influencer and a professional makeup artist. She has caught the attention of brands such as Sunnies Face, SM, Nike, and Michael Kors. Even though she’s only 21 years old, she’s accomplished so much that she’s an icon in fashion and cosmetics.

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