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To travel around the world is everyone’s dream, but is a luxury not everyone can afford. Thankfully, traveling to your dream destinations is now made easier through GetGo, a Lifestyle Rewards program by Cebu Pacific where every trip you book lets you earn points for free flights in the future!

Yup, you read that right: free flights.


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But here’s even greater news: earning GetGo points gets faster through the Earning Circle feature which just means you can form a group with seven other friends and redeem points collectively. In other words, the more lakwatsera friends you have, the easier it is to get a free flight for everyone.


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Our reaction exactly.

Start planning your barkada trip now to these 8 places* to earn your points faster!

*Year-round fares for flights coming from Manila

8. Indonesia: 11,000+ to 13,000+ GetGo Points


With the reasonably priced food, accommodations, and tourist attractions, Indonesia is a must-visit for people seeking an “Eat Pray Love” experience. Don’t leave without relaxing at its white sandy beaches, trekking up a volcano, and seeing the amazing wildlife.

When to go: Start of June when dry season has begun and when wildlife is at its peak; September when the weather is pleasant and there are fewer crowds than there is during July-August.

What to see and do: See the Komodo dragon, relax at the beaches of Bali, watch the sunrise at Bromo-Tengger-Semeru National Park, dive the waters of Pulau Bunaken, see the orangutans at Sumatra’s rescue centers, and get cultured at the ancient city of Yogyakarta.

What to know: Save on money by eating local street food, dress modestly when visiting shrines, and always stay alert!


7. Thailand: 10,000+ to 13,000+ GetGo Points


Thailand radiates in gold with its shining temples and pristine beaches. Everywhere you turn, there’s a local ready to flash you a friendly smile. Traveling to Thailand will definitely put you and your barkada into a great mood as you traverse its cities so rich in culture, history, and religion.

When to go: December to March.

What to see and do: Visit the dazzling Bangkok Grand Palace, and the pristine white Wat Rong Khun; be in touch with your wild side at the Elephant Nature Park and Tiger Kingdom; shop ‘til you drop at the Chiang Mai Night Bazaar; float along Damnoen Saduak Floating Market; witness the view at Doi Suthep; and discover Thailand’s history and heritage at Autthaya.

What to know: The country is still in mourning from the passing of King Bhumibol Adulyadej. If ever you’re traveling to Thailand anytime soon, take note of these guidelines to remain respectful of the grieving nation.


6. Vietnam: 9,000+ to 11,000+ GetGo Points


Vietnam has remained to be a travel favorite because of the untouched beauty of its rural areas, the blurred line between chaos and vivacity, and the delicious cuisine you just can’t get enough of.

When to go: September-December during autumn season, or March-April during spring.

What to see and do: Walk around the historic and traditional city of Hoi An; relax along Ha Long Bay; experience Vietnam’s city life at Ho Chi Minh City; trek up the mountains at Sapa; immerse yourself in the religious and archeological site of My Son; and journey along Perfume River to visit Hue.

What to know: Take the free walking tours in Hanoi, and learn about the Vietnam War from their perspective. Be wary of taxi scams, and don’t stay out too late at night drinking.


5. Cambodia: 10,000+ to 11,000+ GetGo Points


Flying to Cambodia will quench your thirst for a travel experience unlike anywhere else. It’s a small country so rich in history, and once you turn your attention away from its temples, you’ll realize much of the country remains unexplored. Take up the challenge to discover these untouched places!

When to go: November-February during the dry season, when the temperature is still cool enough.

What to see and do: Visit the riverside town, Kampot Province; watch the sunset at Angkor Wat; ride the tuk-tuk and eat from street food vendors at Phnom Penh; be moved by the remnants of Cambodia’s violent past at the Killing Fields and Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum; feel like Lara Croft at the jungle temple of Ta Prohm; and take it easy at the laid-back village of Battambang.

What to know: Remember that buses are the cheapest way to get around. Keep drinking to a minimum too; you’ll be surprised that they add up to a huge amount on your bill. Steer clear of protests and demonstrations at this time too.

4. Boracay: 4,000+ to 6,000+ GetGo Points (MPH and KLO)


Boracay may be too crowded for comfort these days, but you can’t deny that it’s still a beach paradise. If you and your barkada just want to escape the urban jungle to party by the sea, you know where to go!

When to go: June or November, when it’s dry and off-peak season.

What to see and do: Go bar hopping; try out the different water activities like scuba diving, parasailing, jet skiing, and mermaid swimming; visit all of Boracay’s beaches; and party all night long!

What to know: Don’t limit your stay at the White Beach because it’s were most tourists are. It’s also possible to be on a budget during your stay in Boracay; just avoid the tourist traps.


3. Cebu – 4,000+ GetGo Points


There’s more to Cebu than just the Battle of Mactan. Immerse yourselves in the rich culture and history of Cebu where you can do just about anything—lounge around the beach, visit a museum, or go on a food trip!

When to go: October, when there aren’t as many people yet, the weather is nice, and you can still get better prices for accommodations.

What to see and do: Go on a Cebu City Tour and Mactan City Tour; spend a day in Bohol; go island hopping; visit the different monuments and parishes; walk down the historical Colon Street; and swim with the Whale Sharks at Oslob.

What to know: Don’t cram all your Cebu sightseeing activities in just a few days. You really need time to cover everything. So just take it slow!


2. Palawan – 4,000+ GetGo Points


You have to agree with Conde Nast Traveler; Palawan really is the most beautiful island in the world. Its iconic limestone rock formations, clear blue waters and unspoiled nature simply takes your breath away. It’s no wonder that traveling to Palawan doesn’t come cheap; but a trip there is worth every centavo!

When to go: November, when the weather is cool and dry; or March when it’s the best time for sea travel.

What to see and do: Camp by the beach; snorkel around Puerto Prinsesa; take the canoe to the Palawan Underground River; look for the “secret beach” in El Nido; and go wreck diving or hiking at Coron.

What to know: Palawan is a huge island; it’ll take at least a week for you and your barkada to do everything in your itinerary. Plan ahead and plan wisely!


1. Surigao – 7,000+ GetGo Points


Surigao is not always a top-of-mind tourist destination, but is one that holds natural wonders you will fall in love with. If you’re sick and tired of crowded places and just want to enjoy a worry-free vacation with your friends, Surigao is the best alternative.

When to go: July to November, when the weather’s best for surfing.

What to see and do: visit one of the country’s largest and widest waterfalls, Tinuy-an Falls; be captivated by Hinatuan Enchanted River; find solitude in Britania Group of Islands; ride the waves at Siargao Island; and see the stunning pebble beach of Mabua or of Looc.

What to know: For a more budget-friendly culinary experience, just visit the public market in the early morning and purchase your seafood there. Most resorts are willing to cook and prepare them for you for a minimal fee.

Good news to all travellers! Watch out for even lower fares with GetGo’s great-value seats promo where members can redeem for as low as 500 points! Or even less! So get your points ready and enjoy more domestic and international trips for free.


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