The Soul Crushing Tragedies

Only Gamers Understand

By Matthew Arcilla

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If you know the feeling of elation get crushed by the cruel carelessness of others who just don’t understand gaming or ruined by your own excitable incompetence then you’re probably a gamer. There’s just nothing like every cell in your body screaming, “Nooooo…” as everything you love and hold dear gets taken away from you. Here are eight kinds of pain only gamers know.

8. Somebody Deletes Your Save

Videogames are a time consuming past time, and that’s why the gaming gods gave us save files. They let us pick up where we left off between the interruptions of school and work. Unfortunately, save files are also fragile little things and dozens of hours of progress such as potion hoarding, gear grinding and collectible hunting can be lost when your brother decides to format the one memory card you have.


7. Blowing Your Super Ultimate Move

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It’s when you’re charged up and ready to go with your super combo, your ultimate move or your single shot heavy weapon that the situation gets really tense. That’s because you’re waiting for the perfect moment to take your shot. Until you blow it, and what should have been a game changer, a winning play and a team saver lands like big wet fart.


6. Achievement Not Unlocked

Completionists know this pain the most. There’s a super rare throphy or an achievement with a high point value you want, so you push yourself to maximum gamer mode: your eyes wide, time slowing and ready to pounce like a tiger. Except of course, you totally miss your goal by one point, or blow your timing and now you’ll have to start all over again.


5. Your Controller Dies

It happens. You’re in the middle of a tense final wave in Horde mode or bringing your A game to the final boss when the batteries run out. Now you’ve let yourself down, you’ve let your team down and let all of humanity down. Of course, you could consider plugging in with a cable, but this is the twenty first century and wired controllers are for savages who still crap in the bushes.

4. Saying Goodbye to Online Games

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The magic of online games are their persistent worlds, but they can only exist for as long as someone  pays for the servers. Inevitably there comes a time when the servers are shut down. That means goodbye to the friends you made online, the wonderful adventures you had together. Everything burns away until there’s nothing left but smoke and disintegrated experience points.


3. Deleting Your Own Saves

It’s happened to all of us. With only fifteen slots on a memory card and only so much hard drive space, storage gets rationed out to your games like water in the zombie apocalypse. So you try to delete what you don’t need but accidentally delete that which was precious to you. You can only bellow in slow motion as you watch the data get deleted, beaten by your own stupidity.


2. Misplacing Your Game Disc

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Very often, a gamer’s thoughts will turn to video games of yesteryear. Such flights of nostalgia will drive them to revisit a treasured favorite only to find that they’ve misplaced the disc. Gears of War 2 is probably inside the case for The Witcher 2 and Sleeping Dogs is most certainly inside the case for Splinter Cell: Conviction. And inside the case for Splinter Cell: Conviction? Nothingness.


1. Forgetting To Save

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You’ve triumphed past obstacles, deployed a winning strategy and defeated a major bad guy. Satisfied with your victory, you decide it’s time for a break. So you finish your drink, power down and… forget to save. Maybe you were banking on checkpoints until you realize the last one was hours ago. That’s what happens when you let success get to your head.


Which ones of these have you experienced? Share them with us below!

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