UAAP Season 80 Finals:

The Drama as it Unfolds

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UAAP Season 80’s Men’s Basketball Finals is one for the ages. In a series full of controversies and emotional outbursts from all fronts, the penultimate match between arch rivals Ateneo Blue Eagles and De La Salle Green Archers was void of any of those that came before. Instead, fans were treated to a spectacle. Both teams gave it their all, and in the end it came down to a battle of wills.

And everything was captured on social media. Here is what went down last night, from multiple perspectives:


Game is Afoot

At the onset, the excitement was quite palpable. Both teams were energized by the support of fans.



Those from different alma maters weighed in on the match. If you can’t root for your school, might as well enjoy the ride on this one.


No Quarters

Needless to say, it was quite a nail-biter affair.


Deadlocked at the Half

And unsurprisingly, it all ended at the half back where it all started.

Incredible Plays

As fans on both sides wait anxiously for the clock to expire, players on the court kept fighting tooth and nail on every possession. And we were treated to some exciting highlights.


Isaac Go


And then Isaac Go happened.



New Recruits

MVP is watching.


Sportsmanship All Around


In the end, Ateneo brought home the trophy. But De La Salle kept it classy with this gesture. And the Green Archers took it as true sportsmen.



If only we could see the same type of spectacle on Philippine professional basketball leagues.


What were the highlights for you? Share them with us below!

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