UP Fair 2018:

A Quick Guide

By Therese Aseoche

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There’s absolutely no way you could let UP Fair pass this year without attending a single night’s performance. It’s the one place where you can jam to music of local rock legends and indie crowd faves while screaming at the top of your lungs on thrilling rides or snacking away at the multitude of food stalls. No matter who you are — whether you’re a student, alumni, or faithful attendee — you’re always welcome to rock out and have fun with the community!

Here’s a quick guide on how to have the best UP Fair 2018 experience!

Decide which UP Fair Night to go to

No UP Fair Night is the same. Organized by different handlers (UPD-based organizations), each night highlights different advocacies and different line up of bands, the complete list of which you can see at the tweet above. You should also check out the individual Facebook pages of each night for more information:

February 13 – REV Music Festival: UP Fair Tuesday
February 14 – UP Fair 2018: Flames
February 15 – Elements: UP Fair Thursday
February 16 – Cosmos: UP Fair Friday
February 17 – Roots Music Festival


Get your tickets ASAP

Tickets are selling fast so you gotta grab yours ASAP! UPD Students, faculty, and staff with validated IDs can buy tickets for PHP 80 at booths around the campus while outsiders can purchase the “general admission” tickets for PHP 160.

Outsiders can also conveniently purchase tickets online through these links:

February 13 – platinumlist.net/rev
February 14 – platinumlist.net/flames
February 15 – platinumlist.net/elements
February 16 – platinumlist.net/cosmos
February 17 – platinumlist.net/roots


Inform yourself of the different advocacies of UP Fair 2018

UP Fair has always put specific advocacies into the limelight per night, and this year it’s geared towards promoting equality, peace, and freedom among Filipinos amidst the violence and injustice that pervades our society.

REV, organized by Sigma Kappa Pi and Sigma Delta Pi aims to highlight the importance of upholding democracy, Flames by UP Babaylan  rallies against Martial Law, and Elements by UP JPIA continues the fight for Human Rights. Cosmos by UP JMA promotes equality for all, while Roots by UP EcoSoc and UP Underground Music Community stands for peace in Mindanao.

Every night you can play the Advocacy Scavenger Hunt too and talk to different NGOs or make donations and pledges on-site which gives you a chance to win raffle prizes!


Be there early

We’re not kidding when we say that the lines going into UP Fair grounds get so crazy every night. Even if you arrive “on time” (that is to say, when gates open), you’ll find yourself walking all the way to Palma Hall steps (a 5-minute leisurely stroll away) and wasting all your time queueing. So trust us: fall in line early!

When it rains, be prepared!

Last year’s UP Fair Saturday saw an unexpected rainfall in the afternoon which caused the Sunken Garden to become a huge mud pool the whole evening. Shoes were caked, people walked barefoot, and some lucky ones were able to grab plastics to completely cover their feet with.

Everyone’s hoping that this year’s UP Fair week stays dry and sunny, but you can’t be too complacent! So be prepared — bring appropriate shoes or sandals (your white sneakers have no place here), store some plastic bags in your purse, and bring tons of wet wipes.


Think twice about bringing a car

Although you’re not disallowed from bringing a car to the campus, it just might be too much of a hassle for you to find parking space near the UP Fair grounds. Besides, you’d be stealing spaces from professors, students and admin especially if you’re attending on a school night. Not to mention that it would be a huge inconvenience to students and joggers when they find cars of UP Fair attendees parked along the biker’s lane.

It’s completely fine if that’s your only way of getting there. Just be respectful of the UPD community.


Rides are a thrill to experience

Don’t miss out on any of the rides! Cheap thrills that they are, you’ll want to fall in line again and again throughout the night nonetheless. Oh, and there’s nothing quite like screaming a band’s song at the top of your lungs while you’re on the Octopus.


Be prepared to end up sleepless the next day

UP Fair nights end every day at the early hours of the morning, so if you have plans of finishing the concert until closing time, then stay hydrated, rest your legs, and remember: Berocca is your best friend.


What are you most excited for this UP Fair 2018? Share your thoughts with us below!

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