With today’s technological advancements and the ability to play whatever music you’d like in your car; how often do you still listen to the radio? Sure, it may be fun to get to listen to anything you’d like but every so often, listening to the radio is a refreshing change — and here’s why:


Connect with People

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When you’re listening to the radio, it’s no small chance that you’re listening to the same music that so many other people around the country are listening to as well. Imagine that —albeit the smallest, it’s still a connection between so many different people. You have to admit, there’s something pretty cool about that.


New Tunes

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We all need new tunes to jam to sometimes, and the radio is one of the best ways to get it. Not to mention, with technological advances like Shazam, it’s so easy to add the new music that we discover to our playlists. Best of both worlds!


LSS, Be Gone!

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Ever have those moments when the song that’s stuck in your head comes on the radio? Don’t pretend you don’t know this feeling because we’re sure that the second this happens, you’ll be singing like it’s nobody’s business.


Surprise, Surprise

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Unlike playlists — in which you probably know all the tracks you’ve added, on the radio, you never know what’s going to come on. It could be the newest Nick Jonas song but it could also be a random song from High School Musical. No matter what it is, it’s definitely always a surprise.


Get Back in the Loop

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Everyone knows that DJs like to chat (well, more like it’s their job to be chatty) — either way, sometimes it works in our favor. Every so often, while switching stations, you’ll end up hearing about the latest movies, secret celebrity gossip, or even pieces of advice for your love life. This comes in handy especially when you’re in the car, and want to listen to something other than music.


What to Listen to?

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We all have those days when you don’t know what to listen to or you don’t know what your vibe for the day is, so you can’t pick a playlist. On days like these, the radio saves the day and sets the mood for a great one ahead.


Live Stream

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You know that feeling when a really good song comes on just as you’re about to exit your car? Well, good news! You can tune in through their website and listen to the rest of the song. Even better; if you’re not in the mood to listen to ads, some radio stations have Spotify playlists!


Pregame Party!

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Certain radio stations play club/party music on weekends, around the exact time that we’re driving to the bars we’re about to spend the rest of the night in. What better way to get the party started than blasting the volume of the best party hits in your car?


What radio stations do you still listen to? Tell us below!


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