Where Are They Now:

8 Cast Members

from GMA 7’s Click

By Janus Dosequis Harvey

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TGIS was practically an institution during the mid to late ‘90s, so any fans of *that* show would be shocked to see it replaced in one fell swoop by this new program called “Click.” How dare they? Would this new show even make new stars in the same mold as Bobby Andrews and Angelu de Leon?!?

Well, seeing as “Click” starred Angel Locsin and Richard Gutierrez, we can easily answer that yes, the show definitely became a great platform for new stars. That being said, whatever happened to the lesser-known cast members of the show? You know, the ones not named Drew Arellano, Iya Villania, Maybelyn dela Cruz, or Cogie Domingo? How are they doing now? Let’s see.

8. Jake Cuenca

Who He Is: Oh, come on. You know Jake Cuenca. You just didn’t realize that he played Tryke in this show.

What He’s Up To Now: Jumping ship to the other network did his career wonders, as he is now a stalwart supporting cast member in any teleserye Kimerald stars in, since “Sana Maulit Muli.”


7. Tricia Roman

Who She Is: Tricia played Issa as part of the second batch of the show.

What She’s Up To Now: After marrying her non-showbiz boyfriend in 2007, Tricia has happily left the world of television, but not before playing a key role in 2004’s “Mulawin,” where she played Pamela. You can easily find her on Instagram, though.


6. Sherwin Ordonez

Who He Is: He played JB in “Click.”

What He’s Up To Now: After a lengthy GMA stint that began with “Pintados” in 1999 and ended with “Nuts Entertainment” all the way in 2008, Sherwin went daring, having been featured in a love scene with Jao Mapa in “I Love Dreamguyz” in 2009. After showbiz, he focused on Toptag Fashion & Scents, and even established a restobar. In 2018, you can see how much of a selfie addict he is on, yes, Instagram.


5. Roanna Ruiz-Jamir

Who She Is: Ann on the show.

What She’s Up To Now: After her stint on the show, she became a DJ for Jam 88.3 until around 2012 or so, as well as a news anchor for Solar News, and a teacher. Nowadays, she’s made a name for herself on her YouTube channel, releasing videos on a regular basis.

4. Railey Valeroso

Who He Is: Icko, Mimi’s loveteam on the show. He lasted a whole nine years with Chynna Ortaleza in an on and off relationship.

What He’s Up To Now: He jumped to the Kapamilya network to star in Palos in 2008 and Dahil May Isang Ikaw in 2009, but has been inactive in showbiz ever since, still doing modeling for Bench on the side. He graduated from San Beda in 2014, then got involved with the family business: supplying uniforms and the like to both Camp Crame and the PNP Academy. Just last year, he got married to Iana Therese Abesamis, and there are no signs of a showbiz comeback for him on the horizon.


3. Mitzi Borromeo

Who She Is: Lara on the show.

What She’s Up To Now: This should have been Dianne Delfin, but we have next to no news about her, so that wouldn’t serve as much of a “where are they now.” Instead, we have Mitzi, who you might know as the CNN Anchor of “Newsroom,” who recently stepped down from her primetime slot. Having been in the news industry since 1999(!) (how’d she fit that in while also starring for Click?!?) as part of the Sarimanok News Channel, then moving on to National Geographic Philippines, Solar News , then CNN Philippines, she recently returned to something she has always loved doing: making documentaries, just like Atom Araullo.


2. Joseph Izon

Who He Is: Nikko. He was also one of the few talents to feature both in TGIS (the Dingdong Dantes batch, obviously) and Click.

What He’s Up To Now: Last seen onscreen as a named character in 2014 as Berting in “Yagit,” Joseph Izon has starred as a watch buyer in 2017’s “Daig Kayo ng Lola Ko.” The height of his career was probably starring in 2000’s “Death Row,” along with fellow Click alum, Cogie Domingo. A relatively under-the-radar career, but nothing to scoff at.


1. Karen delos Reyes

Who She Is: Weng on the show, Karen and Gina in that famous McDonald’s commercial.

What She’s Up To Now: Despite being called difficult to work with at the time, or maybe because of it, Karen has always enjoyed a sustained, albeit not bombastic career firmly in the GMA-7 camp, and has welcomed a baby boy in her life just last October. Too bad it wasn’t a girl, so she could have named the kid Gina.


Know what the rest is up to? Share them with us below!

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