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8 More Stars

from “That’s Entertainment”

By Janus Dosequis Harvey

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With the recent passing of the much-beloved Isabel Granada, there has been a very clear spike in interest for the other alums of “That’s Entertainment.” Inasmuch as we here at the 8List would love to provide, to the best of our abilities, a way to glimpse where some of our beloved stars have gone after their heyday, we realize that more than just a way to satisfy one’s curiosity, each and every “Where Are They Now” we come up with is a love letter to the people we try to remember. It’s a thank you note to remember people who played a significant role in our formative years (for some of us) at one point in our lives.

In memory of Isabel Granada, and with much thanks to her former loveteam partner, Chuckie Dreyfus, we bring you the (most likely) whereabouts of 8 more people they shared the stage with in “That’s Entertainment.”

Caselyn Francisco

Best Known For: Pen Pen De Sarapen on RPN 9, and her theatrical chops, leading her to play Kim on “Miss Saigon” in 1994.

Last Officially Heard From In: 2011

Most Recently Known For: Having relocated in the Netherlands, the theater bug never left the lady now known as Casey, as she was even nominated for her stunning turn as Mary Magdalene in Jesus Christ Superstar.


Brylle Mondejar

Best Known For: “Tamis ng Unang Halik” in 1989.

Last Officially Heard From In: 2017

Most Recently Known For: Married to Faith Fernandez just a couple of years ago, this very talented former teen star left “That’s…” to pursue the band life, then made it in theatre. He has two lovely children, and by the looks of it, is aiming for a showbiz comeback while staying in touch with his Tuesday Group buddies via social media.


Harlene Bautista


Best Known For: “Gawa Na Ang Balang Papatay Sa Iyo,” with Fernando Poe Jr.

Last Officially Heard From In: 2017

Most Recently Known For: When your brother is the mayor of Quezon City and your husband is Romnick Sarmenta, it really shouldn’t be too hard to find out what you’re up to at present. Aside from becoming a producer, Harlene is also into diving, and has opened up a restaurant in Quezon City called “Salu.” Try their strawberry sinigang: it’s a national treasure!


Precious Hipolito

Via Tempo

Best Known For: Being a highly-regarded child star, culminating in a FAMAS win in 1986. Part of the Wednesday group.

Last Officially Heard From In: 2017

Most Recently Known For:  After a lengthy stint from 2001 to 2009 as a newscaster on Channel 13, Precious Hipolito made the leap into politics in 2010, being married to the infamous QC congressman Winnie Castelo. Last June, controversial jock Mo Twister got into a tiff with her over having her face plastered on a basketball backboard.

Anna Marie Falcon


Best Known For: Not being Anna Marie Falcon, but Francine Prieto

Last Officially Heard From In: 2017

Most Recently Known For: Still in showbiz, has been in radio, ridiculously active on Twitter, some people who lived under a rock might not have realized that the fresh-faced Anna Marie Falcon ended up becoming Francine Prieto, so this should be news for the four of you.


Jaypee De Guzman

Best Known For: “Tingting de Sarapen,” with Dolphy.

Last Officially Heard From In: 2014

Most Recently Known For: After becoming a family man and a lengthy showbiz hiatus, Jaypee De Guzman last starred in 2014 alongside Janno Gibbs and Manilyn Reynes in “My BFF.” He also owns a bike shop and has been active in charismatic church activities.


Ana Roces

Best Known For: Her hit songs, “Tunay Na Tunay,” and “Labis-Labis,” and being ridiculously mixed up with Rosanna Roces, whose only similarity with her would be the last three syllables of their names.

Last Officially Heard From In: 2017.

Most Recently Known For: “Ikaw Lang Ang Iibigin,” in ABS CBN.


Jaime Garchitorena

Best Known For: “Just A Smile Away,” one of the most popular Closeup theme songs this side of Gino Padilla. Also cousins with Anjo and Jomari Yllana.

Last Officially Heard From In: 2017.

Most Recently Known For: Easy enough to find on LinkedIn. The man is president and CEO of Credit Information Corporation, trading in his singing chops for some mad management chops.


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