Where to Hide

in Case of a Nuclear War

By 8List

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If we are being honest, humanity is destined for extinction by humanity itself. World leaders are getting more idiotic, nations are threatening each other with missiles and war tech, not to mention the effects of climate change–the more we are convinced that we’re actually living a post-apocalyptic life.

But it’s nice to think that we can at least try saving ourselves. So in the event of a nuclear war, here’s where you should hide (even though we’ll all die anyway).

The underground basement of a large building

According to this infographic prepared by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) of the United States, you’ll be safest in the cellars or basements of an at least five-story building and of a large apartment or office building. Hiding here will expose you to only 1/200 fallout radiation of what you would receive out in the open, as long as the walls are thick and are empty of windows. Doesn’t seem like a bad idea to move in to a condo now, does it?


A tall mountain

Depending on the size of the bomb, there’s a chance you could be spared if you camp out in the mountains. You could either stay at the peak to be safe from small detonations or at the foot of the mountain so it could shield you from the blast.


Vivos Shelters

Via Vivos

The people behind Vivos Shelters are determined to build a civilization underground while the world is going into chaos. Anyone can apply to have a safe and secure space in this luxurious shelter that can last hundreds of years and withstand the force of a 20-megaton nuclear blast within a few miles, but the selection process is pretty tough — you’d have to prove that you are among those whose skills and expertise will best contribute to the long-term survival of the community.

But it’s a process worth going through if it means getting to live old enough to see your great-grandchildren, even if you’ll have to see the same people, do the same things, and remain ignorant of what’s happening to the rest of the human race for the rest of your life.


Atlas Survival Shelters

Ideally, you’ll want an actual bomb shelter for your home. Atlas Survival Shelters provides you with one (secretly and stealthily, as they keep emphasizing in their website) which they will personally install 20 feet underneath your own home. They published a detailed list of the different kinds of shelters you can buy which can range from USD 34,999 to USD 164,999. Each comes with bunk beds, an emergency escape latch, a kitchen, a bathroom, and Swiss-made air filtration systems.


Antarctica is probably the only continent in the world that won’t be targeted by the countries at war, so you’ll most likely be spared when you move here. But then again, you’ll also most likely die from other causes like hyperthermia or boredom.


Denver, Colorado

Although the US as a whole isn’t exactly a great place to be in the event of a nuclear war, it’s nice to know all options. Denver, Colorado is surprisingly the “safest” and most defensible city to hide in among all the states because of its geography and its mountains. Plus, it’s one of the few places where you can easily ease your nerves by legally smoking a joint while hiding.


Luxury Survival Condo

This missile-silo-turned-luxury-survival-bunker contains everything you’d want and need for long-term survival — recreational facilities, indoor parks, a theater, and general stores — all while offering the highest level of protection and security from potential wide-scale disasters. Owning a unit doesn’t come cheap though, and aspiring owners must be screened first for safety measures, just like Vivos Shelters.


Your own house

Via Giphy

Or, we could just risk staying put in our own houses and accept our fates. Hopefully, Hell won’t be as bad as the reality we’re living through right now.


Where do you think you’ll hide when a nuclear war strikes? Share with us your survivalist tips below!

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