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In this vast world that we live in, there are so many wonders we can only dream of discovering in our lifetime. It takes passionate ambition for us to be within an arm’s reach to these beautiful places. Because if there is one thing that the travelers we idolize have proved to us, it’s that money doesn’t have to be an issue. Here are the top destinations you have to see ASAP!


Tibet, known as the “rooftop of the Earth” for being the highest region, is part of the People’s Republic of China and is a historical and cultural sight to behold. Traveling to Tibet is a painstaking process where you’ll be required to one to eight permits and stay with official Tibetan Tour Guides, but the beautiful and spiritual journey that awaits you after everything is worth every effort.

Tibet is where you go to find spiritual healing. Its monasteries, hordes of monks praying, and Cliffside retreats are sights to behold, and its large mountains, lush and exotic flora and fauna, and its unique culture will make you feel as though you’ve entered an entirely different world.

Visit the numerous significant temples and monasteries in Lhasa, Tibet’s capital, including two of the world’s heritage sites and former residences of the Dalai Lama, Potala Palace and Norbulingka. Visit Mount Kailash, one of the most venerated yet least visited holy places and regarded as the meeting point between Heaven and Earth. Indulge in Tibetan cuisine like momos (dumplings filled with meat or vegetables), yak meat, and thenthuknoodles, over a cup of salted Tibetan butter tea or Lhasa beer. See the pilgrims at Tibet’s most sacred temple, the Jokhang Temple, and then shop for local items at Barkhor Street. Marvel at the beauty of Lake Yamdrok, one of the three sacred lakes, too which shines in a turquoise blue color during the day.

A trip around this holy place will cost you at least USD 63 per day (including USD 35 for accommodations, USD 23 for food, and USD 2.31 for transportation).



Amsterdam is a must-visit for couples for a one-for-the-books type of romantic getaway. There’s so much to do in the Venice of the North — from strolling along cobbled streets, to visiting numerous museums, to floating along picturesque canals — that will make you fall in love with the city and with your company.

Art and history buffs will enjoy visiting the Anne Frank House, Rembrandt Museum, Van Gogh Museum, Rijksmuseum and Stedelijk Museum.  For a casual afternoon, lounge around Vondelpark during the day, and indulge in gastronomic delights at the classy indoor food market Foodhallen. Thrill-seekers will not want to miss riding Europe’s Highest Swing at the A’DAM Toren’s Lookout.

For millennials who want to indulge in Amsterdam’s nightlife, check out Leidseplein, the center of Amsterdam’s nightlife, Reguliersdwarsstraat, a street lined with gay-friendly bars and clubs, East, where the trendy 20-somethings can be found, and West, where you’ll want to be when you want to party with just the locals.

And of course, for the romantics, don’t forget to take a gondola ride around Amsterdam’s canals.

A fun-filled vacation here will cost you around USD 146 per day (including USD 90 for accommodations, USD 29 for food, and USD 25 for transportation).



Beach bums and partygoers get the best of both worlds in the cool and vibrant island of Ibiza. It’s paradise for the biggest international stars, music icons, businessmen, and more who are in need of a getaway, and you’ll definitely find your own taste of heaven in its sandy shores and clubs.

Go shopping at the famous Hippy Markets. Visit the Las Salinas Salt Flats especially during the sunset. Spend your entire stay going to the multitude of beaches that surround Ibiza, such as Talamanca, Playa d’en Bossa, Formentera, and more! And, of course, party away at all the beach clubs you can find!

You’ll most likely spend USD 490 a day on average(including USD 378 for accommodations, USD 70 for food, and USD 29 for transportation), but every dollar you spend will definitely be worth it.



If you’re in dire need of an ultimate luxurious getaway soon for a much-needed recharge, the Bahamas should be at the top of your list. It’s an oasis which holds the clearest water on the planet and is the perfect vacay spot for the eco-traveler.

Visit the various beaches of Bahamas, particularly the well-known Pink Sands Beach, and partake in all the thrilling watersports you can do, like kiteboarding, bonefishing, and even wild dolphin and shark encounters. Relax in the 12-acre botanical Garden of the Groves or go on an adventurous excursion through Lucayan National Park. Head to all the diving spots too like the one in Bimini Road.

Expect to spend at least USD 124 a day(including USD 63 for accommodations, USD 38 for food, and USD 20 for transportation).


Has catching the Northern Lights always been part of your bucket list? Check that item off when you take a trip to Iceland, a country defined by its volcanoes, geysers, hot springs and lava fields which provide you with that beautifully curated Instagram travel feed you’ve always wanted.

Adventure seekers should check out Cave Víðgelmir, a lava tube in the Hallmundarhraun lava field, and Into the Glacier, the world’s largest man-made ice tunnel. Try kayaking in the Eastfjords as well, and indulge in a hot spring bath at the world famous geothermal pool, Blue Lagoon. Don’t forget to drive around the Golden Circle.

There’s a lot to do in this Land of Fire and Ice which makes the daily average travel cost of USD 268(including USD 111 for accommodations, USD 13 for food, and USD 129 for transportation)definitely worth it.



Seychelles has never been a top-of-mind destination for a relaxing getaway, but it should be. Everything about it makes it a tropical dream-come-true, from its crystal blue waters, lush nature and quiet surroundings. It’s no wonder why it’s been branded as one of the most beautiful islands in the world, but it’s a tourist spot that can only be visited by those who are unafraid to get in touch with Mother Nature.

Soak up some sun at the different beaches, like Anse Lazio, Anse Volbert, and Anse Source d’Argent. Hike through the world heritage site of Vallée de Mai and have brief encounters with the island’s diverse wildlife. Wander around Seychelles National Botanic Garden, and go shopping at the food markets of Victoria. Go diving at the many diving spots in Seychelles too, and swim with the whale sharks.For a taste of local nightlife, head to Katiolo Night Club.

A vacation here will cost you only around USD 92a day(including USD 75 for accommodations and USD 17 for food).



Switzerland is definitely one of the most beautiful places in the world. You’ll fall in love with its environment, its people, and everything it has to offer for a truly magical stay.

Not to be missed are the picturesque Lauterbrunnen Valley, the scenic shores of Lake Geneva, the historically and culturally rich town of Bern, and the Swiss National Park. St. Moritz is also a must-visit mountain destination whether you come in the summer or during the winter. Catch a boat ride to the Rhine Falls at Schaffhausen too which is the largest falls in Central Europe. A hike up the Swiss Alps is also a bucket list item you’d want to check off your list too!

A trip to this country will cost you around USD 178a day(including USD 106 for accommodations, USD 42 for food, and USD 17 for transportation).


New Zealand

New Zealand possesses such great allure to people because of its stress-free lifestyle and peaceful environment. No one could be able to deny themselves the luxury of visiting or residing in New Zealand, especially with its vast green terrain, low crime rates, and easy living. Despite these, New Zealand offers a number of activities perfect for adrenaline junkies year-round.

Go on a day hike to the Tongariro Crossing, through mountain slopes, vast valleys and breathtaking volcanic lakes. Try Zorbing in Rotorura. Go bungee jumping in Queenstown—the place where bungee jumping was “invented”—or skydive 16,500 feet off the ground at Abel Tasman. Don’t forget to cruise along Milford Sound, the 8th wonder of the world.

For a truly unique experience, try trekking the Fox Glacier or go stargazing to see why New Zealand’s dark night skies are one of its best qualities.

A stay here will roughly cost you USD 125 a day (including USD 77 for accommodations, USD 21 for food, and USD 16 for transportation).


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