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Yay Wednesday!:
The World is Good Again Edition

By Abu Poblete
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Hey, hey—the sun’s finally back out! And while you might still have a bad case of Seasonal Affective Disorder and your workload is still depressing the hell out of you, it doesn’t change the fact that it’s payday Friday this week!




If money and the hope for some work-life balance isn’t enough to brighten your mood, here are 8 things that will get you out of that rut.

8. Kandenko’s awesome circuit pen


As if electrical circuit pens weren’t awesome enough, Kandenko Co Ltd gave the world this gift of an even dreamier circuit pen in the form of an ad.


7. Gudetama x McDonald’s

Sing it with us! Gude-Gudetama! Gude-Gudetama! Gude-Gude-Gude-tamaaaaa!
Gudetama, the laziest egg in the world, partnered with McDonald’s for a new (and insanely cute) marketing campaign. Products like rice burgers, McFlurry, coffee and fries got their packaging Gudetama-ized. The Gudetama products are only for Hong Kong residents, but hey, let’s not dwell on that and bask in the cuteness instead!


6. Xiao Pi, your next dream dog


Note to all ad execs: You don’t need to spend much for market exposure. A simple fruit stand owner used his pet dog Xiao Pi to do all the advertising for him by using another cheap trick: using fruits to dress him up! Just look at the little guy!

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5. Baybayin made even more awesome


In this awesome photo, Baybayin is brought to life by translating major Filipino-made brand logos into the ancient Philippine script, and they all look awesome.

4. The best way to say goodbye to a vice

Shauna Hilary definitely found the most effective way to get her father to quit smoking. Give the girl a medal! The post is now at 170,000 likes, 37,778 comments and 45,480 shares as of writing!


3. Accio Hogwarts Great Hall feast!

Okay, so maybe having food suddenly appear out of thin air is impossible (OR IS IT?), but that doesn’t stop us from fantasizing about dining in the Hogwarts Great Hall!


2. The miracle of Pokémon Go


Pokémon Go happened, and the world has gone crazy—Psyduck-level crazy. People have found dead bodies, those suffering from social anxiety aren’t afraid to go out anymore, and old churches-turned-houses have become a haven for Pokémon trainers. Despite getting banned and the threat of cell phone snatchers, Pokémon Go’s been the blessing we didn’t know we’ve been waiting for.


1. Wannabe turns 20!

So tell me what you want, what you really, really want!
Bet you sang that, didn’t you? But I bet you didn’t know that this legendary pop song by the Spice Girls is already 20 years old! Yep, you’ve been telling them what you want, what you really, really want since 1996! And to celebrate their two-decade anniversary, Billboard released this video of the Spice Girls’ Top 5 Hot 100 Hits that will get your throwback senses tingly.

To add to the cuteness, Global Goals also released this video to support girl power using the hashtag #WhatIReallyReallyWant:


What news have made you say “Yay, Wednesday!” this week? Share the goodvibes in the comments section!

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