Yay, Wednesday! | May Sweldo Na! Edition
By Abu Poblete

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Now that your wallet’s fat again, you’ll finally be able to eat like how a normal person. The world is your oyster and you’re about to devour said oyster! Your fate is in your hands and nothing can stop you now. So, to accompany you in your good mood, here’s a mix of this week’s wins and fails!


8. If you think that McDonald’s commercial was painful, wait ‘til you watch this.


Three words for the guy: “Kaya mo ‘yan!”


7. Alyas WTF?


GMA just released some teasers of their newest rip-off action-packed show called Alyas Robin Hood that stars Dingdong Dantes as a hero armed with a bow and arrow. Sound familiar? No, not really. Does the poster look familiar? NOOO, NOT AT ALL.


6. The VMAs slayed this year!

Let’s stop with all the genius of Alyas Robin Hood and celebrate the many beautiful things that happened this year’s MTV VMAs! Aside from Alicia Keys embodying the #NoMakeupChallenge (You go girl!) Beyonce, The Chainsmokers, and Halsey blessed us with their amazing performances.


5. He’s just a little Manuel.

Now that’s the perfect mix of kupal and genius.

4. This elevator video aka a work of art.


Make these queens viral, ASAP!


3. James Deakin shaming online trolls in the classiest way.


Research bago comment! Research bago share! Research! Research! Research!


2. This canine that has no chill.


Do you see the intense look of rage and disappointment on the dog’s face?


1.This is a serious cause for concern.


This is a very grave problem indeed!

Got any yays and fails from the intarwebz this week? Tell us in the comments below!

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