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Mga Aliping Sagigilid


By Abu Poblete

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If your day is filled with bad news, followed by another one that’s as worse or much, much worse, we got you fam. There’s still a small corner in the internet filled with rainbows, cats and hilariously Tagalog-dubbed American movies. Take a break from the “hypersensitive” and “easily-offended” side of the internet and join us in this week’s Yay Wednesday!

Mga aliping sagigilid!

The Pabebe Girls meets the Wilson Sisters!

Pabebe Girls meets the Wilson Sisters! #WhiteChicks dubbed version part 1!
I deleted the one I uploaded last night. Hindi na ito bitin. Haha!

Posted by Macoy Averilla on Sunday, March 11, 2018

Everyday is foundation day.


Happy Lemon sa lahat!


Math is life (and love)

Scroll through the photos. It’ll be worth it.


We present to you the most relevant video in Twitter

Siya si Mona Pusa.

Just listen

Don’t cry. Don’t cry. DON’T. CRY.


Naaaaay, si junior oh!


Same, teh. Same


Rest in peace, Stephen Hawking!

We know it’s not much of a ‘Yay’ moment, but we just want to thank Mr. Stephen Hawking for his never-ending search for the unknown and undiscovered, all while overcoming personal obstacles. You are truly a legend, and the world is blessed to have experienced your presence. May you rest in peace up there in the stars!


What other rainbows have you got? Share them with us below!

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