You Got To Follow Your Road:

8 Roads That Might Be “Your Road”

By Kel Fabie

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So. By now, most of you have probably caught that infamous segment from the show 90-Day Fiance, where Larry and his girlfriend, Jenny, have a spat all because Jenny’s family went through all the trouble to serve lechon in honor of their guest, and Larry just treated it with barely contained disgust. Dude. Lechon! Unless Larry’s vegan, we would never understand that in a million years.

In any case, the subsequent spat after the lechon led to this now-immortalized gem:

Yeah, she has an accent that made it sound like she was saying “your road,” but whatever. For anyone who watched the show, they’d realize that’s the least problematic thing about her, seeing how often she’s scowling throughout the show, and how willing she is to pick a fight with Larry’s relatives at the drop of a hat. That, and let’s face it: they met on a dating app. It’s nowhere nearly as funny when real life creeps in, is it?

Still, it’s an interesting idea to humor: if Jenny truly meant “your road,” exactly which road could she possibly have been referring to? We have 8 suggestions.

Session Road, Baguio

Why This Road Is Special: It’s the one that Anthony dreamed about, walking with Mace along the length of this iconic road in That Thing Called Tadhana.

Why This Could Be Your Road: If you’re a hopeless romantic who believes in love no matter how many heartbreaks and hugot moments you’ve gone through, Session Road is your road.

EDSA, Metro Manila

Why This Road Is Special: Home to a revolution in the ‘80s and now home to the urban center of Luzon, EDSA is practically the heart of the metro at present, traffic jams and all.

Why This Could Be Your Road: If you have a hard time moving on, EDSA is your road.

Dennis Ro(a)dman

Why This Ro(a)dman Is Special: He’s one of the best defenders of all time, and won a total of five NBA championships, three of them with Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls. Above all that, he’s known as one of the “bad boys” of the NBA, with a penchant for body piercings and shockingly bright-colored hair.

Why This Could Be Your Ro(a)dman: If you’re as bad as you wanna be, and you’re evil enough to not eat lechon prepared by your girlfriend’s family for you, then Dennis Rodman is your road.

Abbey Road, London

Why This Road Is Special: It’s the iconic road that the Beatles walked on in their album with the same title.

Why This Could Be Your Road: If you have an accent as indecipherable as a British person’s (or Jenny’s), then Abbey Road is your road.

Urdaneta-Manaoag Road, Urdaneta

Why This Road Is Special: It’s part of Jenny’s hometown. This road leads from her neck of the woods to the church of Our Lady of Manaoag, where people often go to be treated for their ailments.

Why This Could Be Your Road: If you believe in miracles, Urdaneta-Manaoag Road is your road.

Ro(a)derick Paulate

Why Ro(a)derick Paulate Is Special: Botched political career aside, Roderick Paulate is an accomplished actor and the Rick Astley of the Philippines. Truly, a national treasure.

Why This Could Be Your Ro(a)derick: If you’re never gonna give him/her up no matter how much your family hates him/her, then Roderick Paulate is your road.

Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills

Why This Road Is Special: It’s the swankiest road you could dream of. The most upscale shops, the elite of the elite in Beverly Hills, this is where they’re seen.

Why This Could Be Your Road: If you have more class than people assume you have, Rodeo Drive is your road.

Balagtas Street, Diliman, Quezon City

Why This Road Is Special: This road is home to… dun dun dunn Mang Larry’s Isaw in UP. Can’t get any more significant than that, especially if your name is also Larry.

Why This Could Be Your Road: If you started from the bottom, now you here, just like Mang Larry and Larry, the McDonald’s manager, then Balagtas Street is your road.


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