8 Adult Ways to Spend Your Christmas Bonus

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8 Adult Ways to Spend Your Christmas Bonus

Bago mabutas ang bulsa.

| December 15, 2017

8 Adult Ways

to Spend Your Christmas Bonus

By Patti Sunio

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Our 13th month pay (and hopefully 14th, and 15th) come only once a year, which is all the more reason for us to think twice—even thrice—about where we plan to spend it. We strongly suggest ending the year right and making the ~adult~ decision to invest your extra money wisely.

Here are 8 ways:

1. Appliances

You might be so tempted to get yourself a newest phone or even a drone, or whatever gadget you’ve been eyeing. But remember that gadgets are the fastest to depreciate in value. Why not invest in appliances instead? Check your household to see if your fridge or the washing machine is still in good condition. You’ll save more money in the long run this way.


2. Health insurance

Why, of course. Ask your parents or anyone who’s significantly older than you and they’ll tell you how important health is. After all, how can you work, make money, and spend time with family and loved ones if you’re not feeling well? If you’re self-employed or are a freelancer, there are many affordable health care plans you can purchase that fits your budget.


3. Stocks

The stock market is a risky but also a secure way to make sure that your savings won’t just be sitting on a bank account. The rules of the trade might overwhelm or confuse you, but there are many stock brokers, agents, and companies out there who are willing to make investing easier and more understandable for you.


4. Franchise

Whether it’s a Potato Corner stall or a Siomai House franchise you’ve dreamed of owning yourself, go for it. Maybe you can’t afford it now but it’s worth saving up for, or you might even want to partner with any of your friends or colleagues. Aside from it being a great business opportunity, it’ll be a learning experience for you, too.