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8 Apps to Up Your Instagram Game

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| July 23, 2017

8 Apps to Up

Your Instagram Game

By Kyzia Maramara

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Here’s the thing, despite people saying that they don’t care if their photos don’t get ‘liked’ on social media, they really care. Those photos have been carefully taken, curated, the presets mulled over, and posted. Now I’m not saying that everybody’s like this, but really, most likely everyone is! If you still care so much about your photos then never fear! Here are 8 apps to up your Instagram game. All of them (with the exception of one) are free to use.

Go and be creative!


VSCO is probably the most used photo editor for Instagrammers. With its wide range of presets, you can make your photos look awesome with filters from minimal to colorful! The challenge is finding out which is the right preset among all the others and keeping the color theme the same. But when you figure it out, life will be a breeze and your feed will look pretty.


2. Snapseed

Snapseed is an editor that is very easy to use. Its main feature is not filters but the technical of editing a photo. It can sharpen your photo, brighten it, tilt it, or even give it a grainy look!


3. Adobe Photoshop Express

It’s no secret that the success of most of photos is attributed to post processing with soft wares, the most famous of which is the Adobe Photoshop. But here, you’ll find a portable Photoshop where you can edit anytime, anywhere and immediately upload after editing!


4. Pixlr

This photo editor is probably one of the most basic and easy to use. It has filter features and it can put photos into collages plus add text to images.