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8 Best Indie OPM Songs that We Played on Loop in 2017

The kids are alright.

| January 2, 2018

4. Abra x Loonie – Para sa Respeto

This song got our heads banging when we first heard it in the film, Respeto. Hands down to these two master rappers!


3. IV of Spades – Hey Barbara

The first time we heard “Hey Barbara,” we were speechless. It was a fresh and unique addition to the thriving local music; we just couldn’t stop dancing to its funky beat. No wonder, IV of Spades is one of the breakthrough bands of 2017.


2. Burnout – Danao, Dumas, Dancel

Who else cried inside when this song played along the credits in I’m Drunk, I Love You? We feel you! This rendition of a Sugarfree song is as heartbreaking as the first one, but with a slow, painful melody that shattered our hearts.


1. Ben&Ben – Kathang Isip

The soulful music of Ben and Ben is one reminder how OPM can speak to and for our emotions. A great example would be their song, “Kathang-Isip”, which hits us right in the chest.


What is your most played OPM indie song this year? Share with us in the comments section below!