8 Captured Moments You Wish You Could Relive

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8 Captured Moments You Wish You Could Relive

We would not mind reliving these moments!

| December 3, 2017

8 Captured Moments

You Wish You Could Relive

By 8List

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The daily grind can get to the best of us. Sometimes we are so busy that we fail to see the wonderful moments happening around us. Indeed, there are a lot of special moments happening all the time, even when we are too busy to notice them.

Renowned photographer Jun de Leon recently captured such moments, which were brought to life in this video  created together with accclaimed videographer Jason Magbanua. Here are those special captured moments:

First day of their lives as husband and wife

To most people surrounding the area of San Sebastian church, it was just another Sunday morning. But for this couple, it was the start of  their lives  as husband and wife. Everyone was all smiles, and here you can see that the newlyweds are overjoyed.


Best father-son bonding

The sun was shining brightly, and several families are taking advantage of the beautiful weather to bond in the parks around the metro. This special moment between a father and his son was captured that day, with the dad obviously enchanted by his son.


Most carefree moment in the park

In the midst of people passing by this park to and from their activities, this lady started dancing by the fountain. It turns out she’s a regular here, and she says it’s her place of sanctuary–where she can celebrate the joys of life.


First barkada run

This fun group  ran together for an early morning fun run in one of the cities in Metro Manila, and it’s certainly a #Cloud9Moment when you gather your best friends together and do things for the first time.