8 Celebrity Kids Who Rocked Halloween

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8 Celebrity Kids Who Rocked Halloween

They didn’t get the memo they’re supposed to be scary.

| November 1, 2017

8 Celebrity Kids

Who Rocked Halloween

By Luanne Arevalo

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Ah, Halloween! That time of the year when people get to dress up in fun costumes, wander the streets, and get treats while at it. Over the years, this occasion has become more about the adults who go all out with their costumes; but we’d like to put the spotlight back on the kids, who made Halloween fun with their adorable costumes. Here are eight celebrity kids who made us all go “Awww!”

Zia Dantes as Batgirl

Happy Halloween 👻

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We often see Zia in pastel colors and dainty prints, but this Halloween, she donned a Batgirl costume and showed us that she can rock black and edgy just as well. We especially love the tulle skirt she wore which made her ensemble even more adorable. It was also a treat seeing her with dad Dingdong Dantes dressed as Batman and mom Marian Rivera as Catwoman!


Feather Prats as Alice in Wonderland

This was her first Halloween experience according to her mommy Isabel Oli, but Feather Prats sure pulled it off with her Alice in Wonderland costume! We love the details of her outfit, from the little clip she wore on her hair, to the card suit symbols on her dress, to her little bucket that’s adorned with a blue feather boa.


Braeden Dee as a pirate

Halloween: the best date for a yearly family portrait (also pounced on the first theme that had all our sizes)

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Details matter when it comes to putting together a costume, and we love how Braden’s pirate outfit got it down pat, with those boots and that belt with a huge buckle. Dressing up is also more fun if the whole family’s game to do it, and mom Bea, dad Eric, and little sister Billie were certainly up for the challenge.


Lucia Intal as a minion

Halloween is always great for silly family costumes!!

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Lucia, along with mom Bianca and dad JC, love to ham it up during special occasions with fun costumes. This year, the trio was all decked up in blue and yellow as part of Gru’s crew, the minions.