8 Chichiryas From Our Childhood We’ll Love Forever And Ever!

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8 Chichiryas From Our Childhood We’ll Love Forever And Ever!

Fun times were the snack times!

| July 10, 2017


When we think of Cheeze-It, what immediately comes to mind is our messy fingers full of cheese powder—and shamelessly licking everything off to make sulit every last flavor. Well, we can never have too much of a good thing!


Sweet Corn

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The corn cob, pictured front and center on the packaging, made us wonder as kids how this could’ve been turned into chichirya. But on the bright side, it helped us get our parents to buy it for us, too. Sweet Corn was also a great alternative to the corn-on-the-cob that were bought on the streets, slathered with butter or cheese powder.



Corn and chocolate-flavored everything aside, milk was also such a trend back then. Everything coated in milk was sure to be delicious, especially to the kids who didn’t like the taste of actual milk itself. And it was, in a way, a healthier alternative, too!


Humpy Dumpy

How can we forget the good ol’ Humpy Dumpy, when we think of our childhood days? Especially when its name is so close to the character in the nursery rhyme. It was another popular snack we could easily buy at the neighborhood sari-sari store and eat while watching Voltes V and Sailor Moon.


What other snacks can you remember? Tell us about them below!