8 Chichiryas

from Our Childhood

We’ll Love Forever

And Ever!

By Patti Sunio

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What could be a happier childhood memory than our younger selves, perched happily across the TV screen, munching shamelessly on an entire bag of chips, without a care in the world and ignorant of the concept of healthy eating and body image?

It’s time we relish the good old days and the classic chichiryas that come with the memories. Here are 8.


Even before “healthy living” was a thing, we were quite conscious of it, in a way. Thanks to Snacku’s “vegetable” flavor and the fact that the green-colored rice crackers didn’t look anything like potato chips, we were able to convince our parents to let us snack on this chichirya, and didn’t feel at all guilty about it.



Sweet, thin crisps of corn-flavored Tomi! How can we not forget its attractive yellow packaging and piso version that allowed us to gobble up the entire thing in just one go? There’s also a new bigger, adult version of Tomi!



When we hear PeeWe, we’ll always think of the snack’s Super Mario-lookalike chef mascot and the white, rectangular chips we weren’t quite sure what to make of, that is, until we’d tried a bite. PeeWee was our go-to afternoon snack if we were in the mood for a barbecue-flavored one to go with our ice-cold Tang!



Most of us had a chocolate-addiction phase as kids. It was that high time in our lives when we preferred everything to be chocolate—from candies, ice cream, biscuits, milk drinks, and now even in snacks! No wonder Moby was a favorite back then.


When we think of Cheeze-It, what immediately comes to mind is our messy fingers full of cheese powder—and shamelessly licking everything off to make sulit every last flavor. Well, we can never have too much of a good thing!


Sweet Corn

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The corn cob, pictured front and center on the packaging, made us wonder as kids how this could’ve been turned into chichirya. But on the bright side, it helped us get our parents to buy it for us, too. Sweet Corn was also a great alternative to the corn-on-the-cob that were bought on the streets, slathered with butter or cheese powder.



Corn and chocolate-flavored everything aside, milk was also such a trend back then. Everything coated in milk was sure to be delicious, especially to the kids who didn’t like the taste of actual milk itself. And it was, in a way, a healthier alternative, too!


Humpy Dumpy

How can we forget the good ol’ Humpy Dumpy, when we think of our childhood days? Especially when its name is so close to the character in the nursery rhyme. It was another popular snack we could easily buy at the neighborhood sari-sari store and eat while watching Voltes V and Sailor Moon.


What other snacks can you remember? Tell us about them below!

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