8 Cool Things You Can Buy at CD-R King

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8 Cool Things You Can Buy at CD-R King

Soon it won’t be about CD-Rs.

| November 28, 2017



Before you judge this bulky yellow thing, know that it comes with a fully lined interior and an expandable compartment that can give you up to 25% more space. Its four-wheel transport system allows you to tow your bag in three different ways, and it comes with a user guide, too. You can also buy cool accessories with it, such as a luggage tag or a digital luggage scale, all available at CD-R King.


Barcode scanner


Our childhood dreams! We’ve always wanted to experience scanning barcodes ourselves and make-believe we’re heading the cash register. But for those looking to start their own business, this can come in quite handy. It works even via USB. Happy barcode-scanning!


LED light


Wow, even camping accessories are now available at CD-R King! This one comes with a five-meter cord length and is lightweight and easy to carry. You’ll need only eight hours to fully charge the lamp via solar panel. It has an overall lifespan of up to 40,000 hours.




This bike can be folded up to two times and comes with a side stand, and foldable pedals, too. It weighs only 4.3 kg and can run up to 25 kph. This bike also makes use of a detachable battery that takes only six to eight hours charging time.


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