8 (Shockingly) Good Covers

from the Last Artists You’d Expect

By Kel Fabie

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While most of us think we can sing well until we step out of the shower and in front of the microphone, the more privileged among us are never disabused of that notion and end up making fools of themselves by embarking on an abomination known as their “music” “career.” We’ve seen it all, haven’t we, Russel Crowe?

Well, despite our misgivings when certain artists, even certain known “singers” ply their trade, it can be quite refreshing when we discover some gems among what we expect to be nothing but trainwrecks upon trainwrecks. Here are 8 cover songs from people you never expected capable of singing a good song in their life.

We urge you to give the tracks a listen before finding out who the artists are. You might find yourself pleasantly surprised.

8. My Boy Lollipop

The original “My Boy Lollipop,” as done by Millie Smalls, is a catchy, high-energy ditty that you would never expect to be decently covered by a male performer. Well, prepare to be shocked.

The Unexpected Artist: Steven Seagal

This artist apparently found more than just gold in the Philippines, but even a singing career, apparently. Straight off his album, ”Love Me Or I’ll Break Your Arm” “Songs From The Crystal Cave,” this infamous martial artist and alleged serial sexual harasser have at least one okay song in his discography.


7. Beautiful Girl

Jose Mari Chan’s immortal ballad may be easy to sing, but only a real crooner can make it stand out, and that’s exactly what this guy pulled off.

Who knew, really? And what exactly can’t this man do? For a guy who is as multi-faceted as he is, this is more than just a decent cover.


6. Make a Man Out Of You

This kickass anthem from Mulan makes one sing along the moment you hear its opening. It’s a challenging song, and it takes an exceptional artist to do justice to this one, but our surprise artist manages just that.

The Unexpected Artist: Jackie Chan

Well, it looks like this man’s Chinese theater training has yielded more than just acrobatic skills and the ability to kick all our collective butts. We’d ask for more, but we’re terrified to.


5. Kapag Tumibok Ang Puso

Donna Cruz’s original is a classic, and while this autotune-heavy remake isn’t quite up to par, it’s every bit as catchy and striking, and also a performance from someone you’d least expect…

The  Unexpected Artist: Barbie Forteza

Yep, it’s one of our Spirit Animals herself! We would probably stay away from ever hearing her sing live, but this is a decent effort and a fun interpretation that we wouldn’t mind playing from time to time. Sparingly.

4. Am I Blue

Ray Charles may seem untouchable when it comes to this classic, but you’d be surprised to find out that someone is up to the task. Very much so.

The Unexpected Artist: Kevin Conroy

Yes, that’s the definitive voice of one of the most famous superheroes in the world to you, and he’s doing Ray Charles mighty proud, thank you very much. He really is the best at everything!


3. Without You

This is an interesting mashup between the Usher/David Guetta collaboration and the U2 hit with half of the same title, sung by two artists, one of them, the Concert King, the other, anything but. Here’s a hint: this lady’s cover of “Mouth” is pretty good, too, but we just had to feature this one due to her rap solo.

The Unexpected Artist: Anne Curtis

This newlywed lady has a notorious reputation for horrible singing, but there’s something about this mashup that just makes you think for a moment that maybe she actually has the vocal chops to pull off a singing career.

Eh. Who are we kidding? She can buy us, our friends, and this club anytime she wants, and her ability to sing has absolutely zip to do with it.


2. Don’t Stop Believin’

Journey’s hit song may very well be one of the most butchered songs in Philippine Karaoke history, but our surprise artist’s singing (and aim) is true, making for an entertaining live cover with Steel Panther.

The Unexpected Artist: Jeremy Renner

Well, he had to make up for the fact that he has no superpowers, right? Turns out, he’s pretty much a bleached perm away from being a hair rock icon, seeing as he already has the vocal power to do it.


1. Overjoyed

Stevie Wonder never saw this coming. Neither did you.

If he could just stick to this selection of songs instead of the trying-hard faux rock image he’s being saddled with, then we might actually have a much better appreciation for this kid’s vocal prowess than we’re willing to give him at the moment.


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