8 Facts About Dua Lipa Guaranteed to Blow Your Mind

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8 Facts About Dua Lipa Guaranteed to Blow Your Mind

No, she’s not from Batangas.

| June 2, 2018

8 Facts About Dua Lipa

Guaranteed to Blow Your Mind

By Tynne De Leon

One year ago,  Dua Lipa was a rising star, a British singer whose songs slowly made their way to the heart of anyone who loves great music. To date, that same name is known all over the internet as the singer with chart-topping feminist songs, a number of music awards and sold-out shows after skyrocketing to fame in less than a year. The music video of her song “New Rules” has reached one billion views on YouTube in just ten months!

This fast rising female star performed in Manila as part of last year’s In The Mix, and now she is taking the solo stage with Dua Lipa: Live in Manila this year courtesy of MMI Live!  Before we get lost in her light on September, get to know Dua Lipa with these 8 facts:

8. She’s part of British Vogue’s 25 Most Influential Women of 2018

Via Vogue

Dua Lipa’s instant fame has definitely caught the attention of many, including Vogue magazine, describing her as a “culture definer.” She’s set new rules, y’all.


7. Her dad is a singer (and is equally good looking)

Ever saw photos of Dua Lipa with a smoking hot guy probably in his 50s? That is not her sugar daddy, that is her actual daddy. Dukagjin Lipa was a rock singer in the ’90s.


6. She used to work as a hostess in a London nightclub

We don’t care if we don’t get granted access to the club, as long as it’s Dua Lipa who will reject us by the entrance.


5. She’s releasing her debut fashion line

Dua Lipa’s personal style is distinctive, she promotes body positivity in her every OOTD. She just announced her new fashion collection with H&M’s /Nyden, and we’re excited for what’s ahead!