8 Facts About Dua Lipa Guaranteed to Blow Your Mind

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8 Facts About Dua Lipa Guaranteed to Blow Your Mind

No, she’s not from Batangas.

| June 2, 2018

4. She got back with her ex-boyfriend

While we praise her for her feminist songs promoting self-love, she immediately turned away from her words after getting back together with her ex-beau Isaac Carew. Uh-oh, some rules are meant to be broken.


3. She was discovered on YouTube

Before people made covers of her songs, Dua Lipa started doing song covers on YouTube. She landed a contract with Warner Music Group after.


2. She has a foundation with her dad

Dua Lipa is known for holding benefit concerts, and the proceeds go to her foundation, Sunny Hill Foundation, which she formed with her dad to benefit the people of Kosovo.


1. She has won 16 awards

In just a year, this 23-year old singer-songwriter has already earned 16 awards and 57 nominations, including BRIT Awards and MTV Europe Music Awards. Keeping our fingers crossed for the Grammy’s!


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