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8 Female Superheroes That Need A Movie Right Now

After Wonder Woman, who should be next?

| June 8, 2017

8 Female Superheroes

That Need A Movie

Right Now

By Matthew Arcilla

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At last, the DC Extended Universe has beaten the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the race to bring the first female superhero led film from their respective franchises. Regardless of how you feel about Wonder Woman, it’s difficult to deny that its commercial and critical success will pave the way to greater opportunities for female superheroes on the big screen.

Sure, ignoble attempts such as Catwoman and Elektra have been made at bringing female superheroes to the big screen before. And the less said about My Super Ex-Girlfriend the better. Still, we’re hoping that Wonder Woman means other great female superheroes will finally have their chance too. Here’re eight female superheroes that definitely deserve a movie.

The Question

The original Question was a hard hitting TV reporter turned morally flexible vigilante who achieved cult recognition in the Justice League Unlimited animated series. Recently, he passed the mantle on to Renee Montoya, a disgraced Gotham City detective. Under the blue fedora and the faceless mask, Montoya now channels her self-destructive energy towards more constructive goals like weeding out elements of the underworld. This version of the Question could be DC’s answer to Marvel’s Daredevil.


Ms. Marvel

While many heroes have taken the name of Ms. Marvel, the current bearer of the mantle, Kamala Khan, is the House of Ideas’ freshest new face. She introduces some much needed diversity in the form of her Pakistani roots and Muslim upbringing, but this shape-shifting, size-altering, elongating adventurer remains a relatable teenager. Excitable yet nervous, daring yet unsure, ambitious and awestruck, Ms. Marvel would be a great heroine teen to see on the big screen.



Zatanna Zatara is the fun kind of sorceress, who embraces the theatricality of stage magic like a Las Vegas performer. She’ll spin the top hat and wear the tuxedo, and her trademark is using backwards incantations like some kind of abracadabra, or arbadacarba as the case may be. That’s a fundamental part of her appeal, and serves to underscore some of her core struggles, like resisting the urge to abuse her gifts. She’s sexy, got a fun personality and she’s dangerously powerful.


Elsa Bloodstone

Marvel has already opened the door to cosmic shenanigans and interdimensional peacekeeping with Guardians of the Galaxy and Doctor Strange. But now it’s time to drop the curtain on monsters with the only supernatural hunter they need: Elsa Bloodstone. This monster hunter would be a refreshing change from the hypermasculine cool of Blade, who’s already had three films and a TV series. Skilled in just as many weapons as the Daywalker but with the verve of a British legacy.