8 Fictional Same-Sex Couples That We Ship So Bad

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8 Fictional Same-Sex Couples That We Ship So Bad

#LoveWins on television!

| February 8, 2017

8 Fictional Same-Sex Couples

That We Ship So Bad

By Tynne De Leon

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It’s nice to see how modern television now embraces what was deemed taboo before. Kudos to show creators who bucked stereotypes when portraying same-sex relationships. And how can anyone not love them? There’s something compelling about the love story of two people of the same sex. They sometimes even steal the spotlight from the straight main couples.

Here are our favorite queer TV couples that defied the standards of TV love stories:

Santana and Brittany, Glee

These two cheerleaders got us cheering them on and their cute romance, which started as a hook-up. We’ve watched them through their highs and lows, and we couldn’t imagine them not being together in the end. And we bet you cried when they got married in the last season of Glee.


Emily and Naomi, Skins

In an intense teen drama like Skins, there’s a lot of pairings that make the show complicated yet really enticing. And Emily and Naomi’s love story is a personal favorite. Theirs is basically a girl-loves-girl-but-the-other-girl-is-still-sexually-confused kind of story. So when they started going out, they were really inseparable. They, too, had a lot of relationship troubles, but you know they were really MFEO.


Emily and Paige, Pretty Little Liars

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Emily may have been paired with other girls, but her relationship with Paige is just one of a kind. Their relationship thrills us to no end, especially when Paige gets so protective of Emily. No wonder a lot of PLL fans were tear-soaked when Paige departed the show. Even the show’s executive producer loved this couple so much that he even made a fanfiction story about them.


 Callie and Arizona, Grey’s Anatomy

Their relationship has been through hell and high water, and we kept our fingers crossed throughout the show. We really did. But they still didn’t work out in the end. Callie has already exited the show. Maybe they love each other too much? Maybe they weren’t really meant to be? We don’t know. But here’s one thing for sure: they were each other’s greatest love.