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8 Jeje Rap Songs That We Secretly Loved

Earworms, coming up.

| November 10, 2017

4. Ang GF kong Selosa – Hambog ng Sapro ft. Ynnah

Shoutout to those couples who fight because of jealousness: this song is your anthem.


3. Venus – Ron Henley ft. Yumi

Ron Henley’s music is pure eargasm and the lyrics have a sincere meaning. And this song proved that.


2. Masaya Ako Sa’yo – Curse One ft. Yumi

It’s hard not to sing along to this Curse One classic; the beat is so sick and the overall vibe is just chill.


1. Kabet – Gagong Rapper ft. Kyla

This song is a classic. We can’t deny that we still memorize every line—even the rap part. We even volunteer to sing the rap part once it’s on videoke.


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