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8 Mirrorless Cameras for Millennials

There’s one for every need and budget.

| October 12, 2017

5. Olympus OM-D E-M10 II (P30,591)

It is one of the most affordable ones in the market, not to mention it’s compact, too but has all the features you’ll need for quality captures, such as a larger and higher resolution electronic viewfinder, an image stabilizer, and more. Being small and lightweight, after all, means you’ll carry it around with you even more.


6. Leica TL2 (P98,500)

Via Leica

Worth the splurge, as the new Leica TL2 is great not just for images but videos as well. It has a wide and high-quality LCD screen, an improved continuous shooting mechanism (up to 20 frames per second!), is great for slow motion capture, and fast shutter speed. Not to mention that the camera also takes the sharpest and high-quality images, especially with its hi-res electronic accessory viewfinder.


7. Lumix GX85 (P40,990)

Another stylish camera from the Lumix series is the GX85, which features a well-balanced silhouette, beautifully textured dimpled faux leather, and flat design grip that snugly fits your hand.

It’s got a dual image stabilizer system that’s able to capture larger movements even without a tripod, plus a live viewfinder for stable framer and superb visibility even under strong sunlight. Definitely great for outdoors and location shots, too!


8. X-A3 with 16-50mm kit (P34,990)

The X-A3 is a beginner- and budget-friendly option, best used by millennials on-the-go. It has a flip-up selfie-friendly LCD that is easy to use but produces great results. This model also has an extensive battery life, which is all the more useful for travel and documenting daily happenings.


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