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8 People We Hate at the Beach

No place is safe.

| April 26, 2018

8 People We Hate at the Beach

By Therese Aseoche

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Imagine you’re in your newly-bought swimsuit and lounging around on the sand, the sun rising or setting on the horizon, and for a moment it was all perfect.

Until someone starts blasting their party beats beside you. Or some kids start yelling and running around. Or some guy tries to flirt with you.

These are just a few of the people who instantly ruin your beach vacay mood. The worst part is that you can never escape from them. Who among these do you hate the most?

The Chain-smoker

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It doesn’t matter much if the sun’s too hot; if they need a drag, they will — even in a public space such as the beach. These people have no regard for those around them who may be enjoying their beach trip much less because of the carcinogenic fumes and the random cigarette butts they find buried all over the sand.


The Trash Hoarder

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You can trust these people to bring all sorts of snacks, drinks, and beach chow for the group — or finish everything to the last crumb — but you can’t always trust them to throw them at the proper trash bins. They’ll sneakily (or worse, overtly) bury the little wrappers in the sand or just leave their bottles lying around as they pack up and go. Is it that hard to bring all your trash with you until you find a nearby bin?


The DJ

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Who cares if you’re there to relax and read a book by the calm seashore? These people will entertain with their loud party jams from their Spotify playlists as if they’re at a spring break college field trip in Florida.


The Hype Bes

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Nowhere is safe from the dreaded hypebeast squad. Not even the beach, where they’ll flaunt their “Raybans” and “Maui and Sons” swim trunks and “Supreme” tees and, of course, their proudly Baclaran-bought snapbacks.