8 Possible Scenarios of What Might Happen if Mocha Agreed to Face Kris

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8 Possible Scenarios of What Might Happen if Mocha Agreed to Face Kris

Whoever wins, we all lose.

| June 7, 2018

5. They bring back Face-to-Face

We understand Kris might be too intimidating at times, Mocha. If you’re scared to face her in private, then you might want to do it in public where everybody can have front row access from their screens? Why not bring back Face-to-Face and book a guesting? We’re sure the panel of counselors will be more than happy to give you an in-depth analysis of the problem instead of counseling neighbors on why they shouldn’t eat each other’s food.


6. Civil War

Although presidential aide Bong Go said that he and the President already apologized and that Mocha’s apology is on its way, the blogger posted a status on her page shortly afterwards:

Kris has since then replied to Mocha’s video. It’s a good thing there are great food promos out there. Forget about the NBA Finals; this is the real spectacle!


7. Kris will teach Mocha a thing or two about being in the government

Politics in the Philippines is quite a confusing thing; everybody can apparently run for a position. It’s rumored that in the next senate elections, Mocha Uson will be running for a position (PLEASE NO) while Kris Aquino also has been feeding the same rumor mill. Kris might be able to teach Mocha a thing or two on how the government works, or where Mayon Volcano is located. Maybe all this is a test on who is the better and stronger woman; after all, it’s useful to know your enemy.


8. They hug it out and realize they can talk it over in person

Granted that Mocha and Kris aren’t exactly average citizens, still, they have the option to skip the drama and theatrics, talk in person, and then air the apology (or whatever they discussed) on social media. What they both don’t understand is that simple women like Mocha get even more riled up if you butt heads with her in public and women like Kris won’t back down from a fight because she knows she’s right.

And unlike in space where no one can hear you scream, the shrill noise couldn’t be shut out in cyberspace no matter how hard we try.


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