8 Reasons Why We Need Ride-Sharing Apps Now More Than Ever

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8 Reasons Why We Need Ride-Sharing Apps Now More Than Ever

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| June 1, 2018

8 Reasons Why We Need

Ride-Sharing Apps Now

More Than Ever

By Patti Sunio

There’s no denying that ride-sharing apps have empowered commuters like you and me, now more than ever. No longer do we have to cancel plans because “walang sundo” and we can finally say goodbye to all the illegal ways we used to pool a ride (hello, ulo-ulo taxi and colorum vans!) before. Oops.

Here are 8 reasons why ride-sharing services should never be taken away from us. Ever.

Working irregular hours and night shifts are fast becoming common nowadays.

As a night-shift CNA:

It’s the day and age where working night shifts have become more common. This means having to make do with fewer transportation options during the wee hours, not to mention risking one’s safety. Ride-sharing apps have become a blessing to our night workers, all thanks to their 24/7 service and relatively safer and more transparent transport service.


We’re all about ~*independence*~ now.

Via Me.me

Remember the time when we had to rely on the family driver, the ka-barkada with a car, or our S.O. for a ride? Not anymore. With the ability to book a safe ride with just our phones, we can be totally independent and go wherever we want!


It’s a legit way to carpool—and reduce our carbon foot print.

In case you forgot, the whole purpose of these ride-sharing apps is to lessen traffic and our carbon footprint. Carpooling has been a common concept (dating back to our elementary days!) and now the idea has been translated into an efficient and effective service that benefits the majority. In essence, these apps allow us a legit way to carpool with strangers, which in turn, saves everyone’s time and money.


Sometimes, it can honestly be too hot outside for a regular commute.

To be honest, sometimes the scorching heat just makes it too impossible to ride the jeepneys or the tricycle—even if these options are waaay cheaper. The same holds true for rainy days. Ride-hailing apps save us from getting ourselves soaked in between rides on a regular commute.