8 Easter Eggs to Look Out for

While Watching “Solo”

By Tim Henares

With so much bad press leading up to its release, expectations for Solo: A Star Wars Story were fairly low. That’s quite unfortunate, because the movie turned out to be much better than most positive-but-not-raving reviews have said about the film so far.

But if they’re referring to this Solo, then by all means, criticize away.

Solo is a snappy heist film with lots of heart, and a great way of re-imagining Han Solo’s humble beginnings to become a legendary smuggler that would end up being an indispensable ally to the Rebel Alliance come Episode IV. It’s a film that, unlike every other Star Wars outing since being acquired by Disney, is filled with a lot of mirth and optimism. But beyond that, it’s also a film that really, really loves its source material. Here are 8 easter eggs we got from that film, and yes, HERE BE SPOILERS!!!

8. How Han got his name.

Han, played by an Alden who isn’t Richards, is just a scumrat with no catchy family name. But in signing up for the Empire who’s apparently all about the red tape, Han, all by his lonesome, becomes christened as Han Solo.


7. Was it really a fair game of Sabacc?

So we know in Episode V that Han won the Millennium Falcon “fair and square” off of Lando in a poker-like game of Sabacc.

What we didn’t know was that for that game to be fair, Han had to keep Lando from cheating.

This is America Sabacc, apparently.


6. Indiana Jones’s Trinkets

Via Syfy

Hidden in Dryden Vos’s (Paul Bettany) office are multiple artifacts from the Indiana Jones series, including the Golden Fertility Idol from Raiders of the Lost Ark, the Sankara Stones from Temple of Doom, and the Holy Grail from Last Crusade. They really like connecting these two franchises, and we’re just awaiting the moment when they finally make these movies cross over.

It’s especially amusing to see Paul Bettany hardly change anything about his portrayal of Vision for his villainous turn here.


5. Wait. Was That…?(MAJOR SPOILER)

Yup. While you can no longer call him “Darth,” Maul indeed somehow survived his apparent bisection in Episode I, the former Sith Lord is apparently the true big bad behind the Crimson Dawn. Obviously, hardcore Star Wars fans know he was resurrected and featured heavily in the animated series “The Clone Wars,” but those who only follow the movies would be genuinely surprised to see Maul alive and well.

4. Did Han know that parsecs was a unit of space, not time?

Via anith

Yes. Yes, he did.


One of the biggest sequences in the film was the famed “Kessel Run,” which Han, in Episode IV, brags about completing in under 12 parsecs. While most nerds quickly pointed out that parsecs are a measure of space and not time, it turns out that Han meant exactly that when he took his shortcut to get through the run, his navigation map ended up nailing the shortest distance possible to do the run.


3. The Dice.

We’ve seen the Dice hanging from the Millennium Falcon since Episode IV, and always wondered about its origins as we saw it end up with Luke Skywalker in Episode VIII. Turns out, while its absolute origins weren’t exactly spelled out, we first see those dice in Solo, as Han got on his getaway vehicle with Qi’ra.


2. A play of words.

We all know that next to “May the Force be with you,” the most popular line in the entire franchise is “I have a bad feeling about this.” Solo plays with that by having him say “I’ve got a really good feeling about this.”

Meanwhile, remember when Princess Leia told Han she loves him, and all he responded with was “I know?” Turns out, Lando hates him, and his response? “I know.” Yehess!


1. Is it Hahn, or Hann?

Lando keeps calling him HANN, but it turns out, it’s pronounced HAHN. Sorry, Lando. Just wait for your solo movie, we guess?


What eggs did you find? Share them with us below!

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