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8 Ridiculously Catchy Commercial Jingles, Early 2018 Edition

The best part about watching television and listening to the radio.

| March 23, 2018

8 Ridiculously Catchy

Commercial Jingles,

Early 2018 Edition

By Kel Fabie

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From oldies but goodies like “Wala pa ring tatalo sa Alaska” to recent earworm like Energy Gap and “Star Wax, Star Wax, kintab ay to the max,” we at the 8List do recognize that a lot of jingles on local television and radio can really stick with us. Sometimes, we love it. Sometimes, we absolutely loathe it.

The thing is, these jingles just keep crawling out of the woodwork, and this early on in 2018, we now have a veritable new arsenal of 8 commercial jingles we can’t get out of our heads, such as…

8. Steeltech Color Roofing

Originally Aired Around: February, 2017

It’s pretty presumptuous for Steeltech to assume that their jingle, which sounds suspiciously like Jollibee’s “Bida Tayo” song, will quickly start a dance craze, but here we are. The song is catchy, yes, but we have to dock points for that eerie similarity. You can’t unhear it once you realize it.


7. JRS Express

Originally Aired Around: February, 2017

Holy cow. JRS Express. This jingle has been going on for just over a year, but it seems only recently that it has really invaded our consciousness. Pretty funny how their logo is also a shameless color swap of the Road Runner, too.


6. Cherifever

Originally Aired Around: August, 2017

Rick Astley probably made some sweet, sweet royalty from this jingle, seeing as it clearly took the ‘80s icon’s second biggest hit and turned it into an infectious ode to helping your kids grow taller.


5. Downy Sweetheart

Originally Aired Around: October, 2017

Pia Wurtzbach is now spreading her wings to even singing? Well, that’s Philippine entertainment for you. We can’t just be supermodels or beauty queens or actresses. We also have to sing or dance.