8 Signs That He/She Will Eventually “Ghost” You

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8 Signs That He/She Will Eventually “Ghost” You

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| May 9, 2018

8 Signs That He/She

Will Eventually “Ghost” You

By Blair Perez

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If you think dating is simply looking for a potential partner and calling when you like them, you may be watching too much rom-com films. Dating now is more complicated than ever. You’ll need to get through a series of complicated heartbreaks, self-doubt, social media obsessions, and of course, dating apps just to find the “one.” And if you ask people who have been in the “game” for a while on their fears and pet peeves about modern dating, one popular answer would be being left hanging a.k.a. ghosted.

Ghosting can be  painful than a break-up; at least with breakups, you have closure.

If you’re the paranoid type who wonders if the person you’re dating will eventually ghost you, take note of these signs:

8. They take so long to text you back

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For instance, they’ve already used the phrases, “I’m busy” or “Talk to you later” and then reply two days after (that is, if you’re lucky). When you finally get a message though, their answers consist of phrases that are impossible to reply to such as “okay”, “hahaha”, “yes” or worst—an emoji.


7. They seem disinterested in your conversations

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There are times when you are excited to tell them about something, only to get a disinterested reply that totally messes up the mood. If this has happened to you a lot of times, wake up: you’re investing too much in a one-sided relationship.


6. They always cancel on dates

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Cancelling on dates is a normal thing, but if it happens almost all the time, then that’s another story. It’s time to accept the fact that they don’t want to see you anymore, they’re just to coward to say it face-to-face.


5. It feels like you’re the only one exerting the effort

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Whether on chat or during dates, if it seems that you’re the only one exerting effort, then maybe he’s just not that into you. Remember, if they like you, they’ll make an effort.