8 Signs You’re a Certified Manileño

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8 Signs You’re a Certified Manileño

Simply no place like Manila.

| December 5, 2017

4. You’ve experienced the infamous “Espana river” at least once

If there’s one place in Manila to avoid on rainy days, it’s Espana. Unless you live in Sampaloc, or you’re a UST student; then you’ve already mastered how to brave the floods.


3. You’re thankful for Manila Day!

Of course, who could forget the student’s favorite: Manila Day! This holiday falls on June 24, so it gives you an extra day off after that dreadful first week of classes. Not to mention, there are lots of free events and sale during this day.


2. Rizal and Taft Avenue are your EDSA

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There comes a time when you get so stuck in both Avenida Rizal and Taft Avenue traffic that you wish you just endured the long queues and rode the LRT  and its jam packed trains.


1. You use “traffic” as an excuse for everything

Pinoys are notorious for our “Filipino time”, but you can hardly blame them for this nowadays, considering the horrible traffic in the metropolis. As a result, it has become a classic excuse when we’re late in our class or meetings. I hate traffic!


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