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8 Signs You’re Already on Christmas Mode

When you’re hyped AF for Pasko.

| November 6, 2017

You Binge Watch Home Alone 1, 2 and Love Actually

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Every Christmas day, the only movies that they show on TV are the Home Alone films and, of course, Love Actually; and because of your yearly tradition, you already know all the lines from Home Alone (and because you’re a filthy animal).


The First Thing You Hear When You Wake Up is Jose Mari Chan

True story: The thing that woke you up last September 1 is Jose Mari Chan’s voice. And you didn’t mind at all.


You Noticed That You Became Extra Nicer Days Leading Up to Christmas

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Even if we’re now in our adult years, we still believe that Santa rewards those people who did well all throughout the year (and will punish those who did you wrong).


You’re Already Organizing Your Office Christmas Party

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When talks about the upcoming Christmas party start, you’re always the first to volunteer in helping organize the whole thing; it’s not the bibo kid in you, it’s just that you’re really excited to celebrate the birth of our Lord.


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