8 Songs that Gave Us Major LSS

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8 Songs that Gave Us Major LSS

Trying to get these earworms out…

| June 27, 2017

8 Songs

that Gave Us

Major LSS

By Kyzia Maramara

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Every once in a while a song pops up that we simply can’t get enough of. You put it on repeat on your phones and you request it on radio stations so it stays on the number one spot. It tops charts and the music video gets millions of views. You hear it everywhere! After a few months you get tired of it that you curse it and swear that you never want to hear it again. But before you move on, a new song pops up and the cycle starts all over again.

A song that everybody knows and that is always repeated everywhere is known to be the ‘pambansang awit.’ As we close out Independence month, let’s look back to the 8 songs that we once hailed, playfully, as the national anthem substitute.

1. Sila by Sud

Let’s begin from this gem of a song. Is there a person in this country who hasn’t heard this at least once? Sure it’s a great Pinoy original with a well-shot music video; it’s just been played one too many times that I see teenagers putting their right hand on their left chest to the song.


2. Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran

Remember when you streamed Ed’s then new music and you immediately liked Thinking Out Loud? Did you foresee that the whole country, nay, the whole world would go nuts for it? It’s everywhere, making it Ed’s highest charting single until “Shape of You” this 2017. As of writing, Thinking Out Loud has been played 885, 411, 146 times on Spotify and the music video viewed 1,679,689,124 times on YouTube. That’s a lot of numbers.


3. Blank Space by Taylor Swift

Of course TayTay is included in this list! This single has been very popular owing to its lyrics and aesthetic music video. It’s Taylor allegedly trying to one up the media by singing about herself – specifically about how other people perceive her fast-paced dating life.  How many weeks has “Starbucks lovers” been stuck in your head?


4. See You Again by Charlie Puth ft. Wiz Khalifa

See You Again became famous because of the unfortunate passing away of Paul Walker, an actor for Fast & the Furious franchise whose soundtrack includes this song. Although everybody liked it because it’s in memory of a friend who passed away, there was still a point where we found ourselves saying “Ayan nanaman pinapatugtog.”