8 Things You Don’t Want to Hear Your Mom Say

We love you moms, but…

| July 20, 2018

8 Things

You Don’t Want to Hear

Your Mom Say

By 8List

If you think only teenagers are capable of blurting out hugot (sentiments) every now and then, think again. Moms of all ages live both interesting and tiring lives, they hurdle challenges daily and solve problems by relying on their quick wit and experience. They’ve tried and tested a lot of things in order to provide us with the best, but in all this, they still have the power to make us feel a little awkward with their hugots about their love lives and life in general that we sometimes wish they didn’t say.

1. “Ayan! Dapat kasi.. (insert life lesson here)”

You know that moment when you get excited to tell your mom a story of a funny experience you and your friend had and instead of laughing, she turns the whole situation into a life lesson? It kind of puts a damper on the epic story you just told! Don’t worry, it’s not that she wasn’t entertained, she just wants to make sure that even though you had fun, you learned from the experience. But still, can we live a little?


2. “Ano nang nangyari sa inyo ni (ex)?”

Some might hide romantic relationships from their parents but to those who treat their parents as friends and tell them everything, there’s definitely an advantage, an emotional outlet for one. But there could possibly be cringe moments somewhere down the road. You never want to hear your mom ask you about what happened to the guy/girl you seem to have been dating for a year. Going down that road and digging up the past won’t make both of us happy, Mom!


3. “Hay salamat, buti naman may nakaalala sa’kin.”

Moms can be such drama queens sometimes, but we love them too much to mind! When you surprise her with her favorite food or even greet her on special occasions, she’ll throw this line at you. Decoded, it means you don’t often pay attention to what she wants or you don’t often spend quality time with her. Yikes! You certainly don’t want to hear that.


4. “Minsan akala mo siya na talaga, pero kapag tumagal malalaman mong hindi pala.”

In the aftermath of a fresh heartbreak, our single moms might dejectedly utter this. It’s a sentiment that, once we hear, we might be tempted to cringe but it comes from their hearts, another one of your mom’s love hugots you need to accept. Yes, you as a child can make your mom happy, but it would make her even happier if she had a partner to help raise you.