8 Ways to Spot Ateneans, According to Ateneans

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8 Ways to Spot Ateneans, According to Ateneans

Bluer than blue.

| May 1, 2017

8 Ways to Spot Ateneans,

According to Ateneans

By Naveen Ganglani

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You’re at a bar, enjoying a pint of beer, and watching the day’s big game when you suddenly hear someone at the nearby table get really deep and talk about different philosophies in life. What do you do next? You turn to your buddy right next to you and bet, “5 bucks say that’s an Atenean.”

Now, anyone can be really philosophical in this country, but given the many units of philosophy and theology classes Ateneans take before graduating, there’s a good possibility you end up richer or get another free pint.

A few weeks ago, we started a series with an article on how to spot Lasallians/Lasalistas, according to Lasallians/Lasalistas. Today, we continue that by doing the same for their best friends over in Katipunan.

Budget meals are the way to go

“Ateneans are generally wealthy,” shared Karlo Lovenia, a second-year AB Communications student. “Despite that, our baons are normally not enough to satisfy our cravings. It definitely doesn’t help that food is expensive. Siomai-Rice is definitely a godsend.”

Here’s another way to spot a blue-blooded friend based on food: they adore Manang’s liempo.

Not so pricy, but tastes oh-so-good? Now that’s awesome.


Are you ready to erupt?

“It’s one of the things they teach us at OrSem,” expounded Mia Miranda, an alumnus of the school. “Though, I don’t know, I heard wala daw sa OrSem this year. Basta the TNT goes “Are you ready to eruuuuupt?” and then we’re supposed to answer “Readyyyyy” and then we do the Pacific Ring of Fire dance where we kembot going down.”

That sounds like fun, no? See the dance for yourself (you just might try it after!)


The Magis Vibe

Do you get that feeling of wanting to do more or being in service to others? Well then you probably have the Magis Vibe. Here’s what that means, according to former student Bernie Camacho: “Only Ateneans get that! It’s always about trying to be more… and always thinking of others. If you’ve been studying in Ateneo since grade school, then you’ll know that it’s pretty much ingrained in you since day one.”


Always come prepared…. Fashion wise, that is

We all know there is no in-between with Philippine weather: it’s either the heat is so strong you feel like you’re living in a sauna (which is amplified in classrooms where there’s no AC), or the rain is pouring that you question why you even shower before heading out. Studying in a campus like Ateneo has trained its students to always be prepared.

“Every Atenean is ready for any type of weather (it rains and it gets really sunny in Katipunan) so the fashion includes jackets, cardigans, sweaters to keep you warm (and let you wear those tube tops and spaghetti straps that aren’t allowed in some buildings) and denim shorts and light dresses for your non-aircon classes,” said Bernie.

Another big fashion trend in Ateneo: it’s white shoes galore for both guys and girls. T-shirt and chino shorts are also a popular choice for the dudes, while a combo of a shirt and culottes is common for the ladies.