8 Things to Consider Before Selling an 8-Peso Burger Ever Again

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8 Things to Consider Before Selling an 8-Peso Burger Ever Again

Eight pesos is not worth dying for.

| August 30, 2017

8 Things to Consider

Before Selling an 8-Peso Burger

Ever Again

By Tim Henares

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Zark’s, a fairly popular burger place, recently celebrated its 8 years with a simple promo: for the first 80 in-store diners (don’t forget that part), they can avail of a burger for a mere 8 Pesos. Considering that Zark’s burgers are pretty good, you could imagine that a lot of people would want to avail of this promo last Monday, especially since it was a holiday.

But what you wouldn’t have expected was this:

“Train to Busan”, eat your heart out.


This fiasco probably took Zark’s by surprise, but should have been something they anticipated. With that in mind, and the realization that no serious injuries were reported from what was probably the safest stampede in recent memories, here are 8 things to consider before someone ever decides to sell an 8-Peso burger ever again, unless that burger is from Angel’s.

Your fine print should be more blatant

Turns out, in the hopes of “baka sakali pagbigyan,” most people who lined up well after the 80-person limit was reached in certain branches of Zark’s either blissfully ignored the fine print that there was an 80-person limit, or hoped against hope that Zark’s would find it in the kindness of their hearts to offer more burgers beyond the first 80 diners. Well, with that kind of hopefulness, you can imagine what was bound to happen.


You need a good number system, and to immediately turn away anyone who only wants to avail of the promo but didn’t make the cut.

We know how bad Filipinos are with falling in line, but a lot of the needless stress last Monday’s fiasco generated could have been avoided with an advance party properly herding the people availing of the promo, then gently sending away those who didn’t make it. Give these people numbers from 1 to 80, but emphasize that this isn’t a reservation game, so they need to stay in line, or else their number will simply be invalid by the time they are called and they no-show.


Have a secondary offer on-hand

Assuming you don’t want to turn away customer #81 and on, a secondary offer would go a long way to appeasing the people who didn’t make the cut. Otherwise, well, you’re going to get these people the whole time.


Consider when you’re doing your promo

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Maybe doing it on a holiday when the maximum possible number of people available could go and avail of your very limited offer was not the best day to launch a promotion like this? How about launching it on one of your slowest days instead? Unless you just wanted the viral potential of the feeding frenzy you’d inevitably cause, it should be in your best interests to reschedule.