Best Moments from this Year’s Pride March

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Best Moments from this Year’s Pride March

Here. Together.

| June 29, 2017

Best Moments

from this Year’s

Pride March

By Desiree Pore

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This year’s Metro Manila Pride March was held over the weekend at Plaza de Los Alcaldes in Marikina City. Thousands of LGBTQ advocates gathered in a fun and peaceful parade wherein equal rights are being protested. The theme “Here Together” was chosen to voice out problems within the community, such as the lack of acceptance and violence in homes, discrimination at work and bullying at school.

While the joyous parade took place, several anti-gay groups countered the event with signs like Bawal: Bakla at Tomboy being carried. But that didn’t stop people protesting equality and love among the LGBTQ community. We list down some of the best moments from this year’s Pride March.

Supportive Mamshie

There’s no greater feeling than knowing your loved ones support you.


We can’t get over Carol not winning

We’re still angry that the film didn’t even get nominated.


When an Actual Rainbow Appeared

Somewhere over the rainbow are people, regardless of gender, having proper conversations.


Perfect Date

Nothing’s more perfect than attending a cause you both support.