Celebrity Couples Who Should Never Break Up or We’ll Stop Believing in Love

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Celebrity Couples Who Should Never Break Up or We’ll Stop Believing in Love

No pressure.

| August 18, 2017

Celebrity Couples

Who Should Never Break Up

or We’ll Stop Believing in Love

By Kyzia Maramara

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First it was Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, now it’s Chris Pratt and Anna Faris! What is happening to the world? Is love really dead? And then of course we ask ourselves this question: if these celebrities, who seem perfect because they look like they have it all, are breaking up after years and years together, how about us mere mortals?

It’s a consolation that Brad and Angelina’s divorce is on pause for the moment but the mere fact that it was real make us disappointed.

Regardless of everything that’s happening we still know that true love exists and it’s going to take something more than these breakups to make us stop believing. But if these other celebrity couples break up, that’s a different story altogether. (Seriously, if they break up we might just crawl in a corner, bawl our eyes out, and threaten everyone who comes near.)

1. Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds

The Real Life, Rom-Com, Love Story of Blake Lively and Ryan Re…

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds’ love story is like a rom-com: http://wmdy.us/0GE2Rs2

Posted by Woman’s Day Magazine on Sunday, July 30, 2017

Blake and Ryan met at the set of Green Lantern while both were still in separate relationships. The relationships apparently didn’t work out and after some time being just friends, both realized that they actually suit each other. The pair got married in 2012 and since then has had two beautiful girls.

We just can’t get over how adorable Blake and Ryan are especially whenever they talk about each other during interviews. What made fans all over the world fall in love with them is their humor and realness. They’re also living testaments to the fact that being friends and then falling in love is sometimes the greatest way to find someone.


2. Emily Blunt and John Krasinski

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John Krasinski was a fan of Emily Blunt even before they met. On their first date back in 2008, John took Emily to a gun range thinking that it wasn’t probably going to work between them so might as well blow it right away so he won’t feel bad in the future. Apparently Emily had fun and they hit it off right away! And aren’t we all glad about it? They now have two daughters together named Hazel and Violet.

Emily and John often gush about each other and about their love for their daughters during interviews. Emily once said at an interview that it’s John’s support that makes her feel invincible. In an interview with Ellen, John said that he wasn’t looking for a relationship when he met Emily but then he did meet her and his life changed. If they aren’t couple goals, then what is?


3. Drew Arellano and Iya Villania

Celebrities often have a hard time keeping their relationships away from the public’s prying eyes but there are some who are successful. Drew and Iya met in 2004 and have been dating for 10 years before they finally tied the knot in 2014. In those 10 years we haven’t heard any news about them fighting or getting into issues with other celebrities. They managed to have private lives despite being active in the showbiz industry. Now they have a son named Antonio Primo who can always be seen in his parent’s IG stories!


4. Toni Gonzaga and Paul Soriano

Another one of our kilig local couples with almost the same story as Drew and Iya is Toni and Paul. It was 2008 when they met during a Gary Valenciano concert that Paul directed. Throughout their relationship of almost a decade, the couple has admittedly faced a lot of challenges such as conflicting schedules and Toni’s parents’ rules on dating, but they’ve pushed forward through it all. Both knew that everything will be worth it in the end. Well, they ended up exchanging vows at the altar and having a son, Seve, a year after. It really was worth it!